What To Do if Someone’s Having a heart attack

What To Do if Someone’s Having a heart attack – if Someone Suddenly Gets a Heart Attack, Then Do This one Thing.

What To Do if Someone's Having a heart attack - if Someone Suddenly Gets a Heart Attack, Then Do This one Thing

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) means that you can save a heart attack patient till the doctor arrives.

Special things.

First check whether the patient is conscious or not

If patients do not even breathe and their pulse is not coming then give CPR to them

You have to give 100 compressions per minute

The opportunity was for the Diwali party at the office. All the Kuligas were enjoying the party. Taking part in competitions like Diwali’s Rangoli Competition, Decoration, Tambola, were laughing. Amidst all this, one of my cousins ​​had a very strong cough. There was a party atmosphere, there was also noise, we thought only normal cough would happen. That is why they were given water and they asked to stay for two minutes. We also agreed and joined the party again.

As soon as we came a little further… we heard the sound of someone falling. When we looked back, our same colleague was falling down from the chair. His legs became very stiff, with one hand he was pressing his chest and with the other hand the table was caught.  We all ran and handled them. Tried to hold them and drink water, hands and feet rubbed. Lifted them up on the couch.

Two minutes have passed … four minutes have passed … His condition has not improved at all.  Meanwhile, we had called the doctor, but it took at least 10 to 12 minutes for the doctor to come as the nearby hospital was about 2 kilometers away.  We would take him to the hospital himself, it would have taken more time.  That is why the doctor was called to the office. Meanwhile, our cousins ​​fainted.  In unconsciousness, both his knees were bent and both hands were holding the chest. Nevertheless, we kept rubbing his hands and feet, splashing water on the mouth. The chest kept rubbing.

The doctor came, he quickly saw our colleague. The doctor took 10 minutes.  Checked, heard the heart beat, watched the pulse, opened the eyes repeatedly.  Finally we told everyone that ‘He is no more’ … We all got a shock. That’s what happened just a while ago, we were all having a party together and now!

The doctor explained the reason for heart attack. But he was only a boy of 26, who had been working only for two years.  We were all in shock as to how a boy of 26 could have a heart attack!  But it happened and now that is no longer between us.

The way our colleague was holding a chest, we thought that maybe a heart attack could happen. But we never knew how to get immediate relief in a sudden heart attack.

That is why today, you are sharing this video with you that you too can save someone’s life in such an emergency situation. In this video, you will get to know about CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) ie Chest Compression, so that you can save a heart attack patient till the doctor comes. Along with the video, here are also sharing some points with you, what should be done in such a situation.

1. Do not panic yourself by seeing the patient and immediately call the people and doctors nearby for help.

2. First check whether the patient is conscious or not.

3. If the patient is unconscious, then check his breath.  For this, check with fingers or ears near his nose whether the breath is going on or not.

4. Check the pulse of the patient.

5. If the patient does not even breathe and his pulse is not coming, then give CPR to him.

6. For CPR, keep your left hand straight and lock your fingers by keeping the right hand on top of it.

7. Now bring the hands in the center of the chest and press the chest with all your pressure.

8. Most important, you have to give 100 compressions per minute.

9. Keep compressing until the patient senses or the doctor arrives.

10. Do not worry about the fact that the patient’s chest does not become fractured in the bone, because it is more important to be conscious at that time.

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