What To Do if You Have a heart attack

What To Do if You Have a heart attack -Keep These Five Things in Mind after a heart attack.

What To Do if You Have a heart attack -Keep These Five Things in Mind after a heart attack.

Health Desk. Now heart diseases are increasing.People of all ages are at risk of heart diseases.To prevent heart diseases, every man should pay attention to food and other things, but if one has suffered a heart attack, one has to take special precautions. If some things are not taken care of after a heart attack, then this danger may come again. Know what to keep in mind after a heart attack.

1. Exercise

When the health returns to normal after a heart attack, regular exercise should be done with the advice of a doctor.  Exercise keeps the weight balanced and heart muscles also healthy.  But do not do exercises that cause too much fatigue.

2. Diet Plan

It is important to take care of food after a heart attack. Never eat more fat and calorie items. Eat green vegetables and fruits as much as possible.  Better, get a diet plan from a dietician and eat accordingly.

3. Never smoke

In this way smoking is harmful for everyone, but those who have become victims of heart attack should never smoke. Smoking causes a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the blood. Smoking also increases blood pressure, which is very harmful for heart patients.  Consumption of tobacco in any form can be dangerous for heart patients.

4. Check regular blood pressure

It is important for people who have had a heart attack to have their blood pressure checked regularly.  Increased blood pressure can be harmful for heart patients. If blood pressure increases, immediately consult a doctor and eat the medicine.

5. Check Sugar

Heart patients who also have diabetes, they should be regularly tested for sugar.  Now there are kits available that can be tested on their own. If sugar has increased, increase the amount of medicine by consulting a doctor.

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