Treatment of heart attack

Treatment of heart attack – Take These Precautions For quick Recovery after heart attack.

Treatment of heart attack - Take These Precautions For quick Recovery after heart attack.

Special things.

It is more important to pay attention to cholesterol in a heart attack patient.

These 6 precautions can be prevented the second time the risk of heart attack

Make healthy food included in your diet.

Heart patients who have once suffered a heart attack should adopt such changes in their lifestyle with extreme caution that avoid heart attack the second time. After treatment of heart attack, the patient should take special care of some things.  Heart diseases are increasing rapidly due to changing lifestyle, wrong eating habits, excessive stress and lack of exercise. The heart is a muscle organ that pumps blood into various parts of the body. When there is a blockage in the blood circulatory arteries of the heart, the muscles start to die due to lack of blood circulation in that part, which causes difficulty in the functioning of the heart.

Heart patients, who have suffered heart attacks once, should adopt such changes in their lifestyles with great caution that avoid attacks the second time. After treatment of heart attack, the patient should take special care of some things.  Especially it is necessary to take medicines regularly. Apart from this, due to which the heart attack occurred, it should be controlled.

What to do after an attack.

Keeping an aspirin tablet under the tongue immediately after an attack can also significantly reduce the risk. After this, immediately go to the doctor because 1-6 hours of heart attack are very important.  If treatment is done within the initial hours, the damage to the heart can be reduced considerably. Do not take any medicine on the advice of people. Along with this, it is also very important to understand the changes in the symptoms of heart attack over time. Unlike normal people, most diabetic people experience symptoms of breathlessness, nervousness, chest heaviness, dizziness and jaw tightness instead of chest pain when heart attack occurs.

1. Control Cholesterol.

Do not let cholesterol get close to your heart. Increased cholesterol poses a risk of heart related diseases. Therefore, to control high blood pressure and increased cholesterol, it is very important to pay attention to medicines and diet.

2. Smoking can be dangerous.

Do not smoke at all. Patients who resume smoking after an attack may be at risk of heart attack again throughout the year.

3. Include dry food for heart health.

Nuts are one of the essential elements to be included in your diet after a heart attack. Actually, it plays an important role in keeping the fat in your blood balanced.  The same quality of dry fruits can control harmful cholesterol levels. The special thing is that nuts are full of nutrients. It is rich in magnesium, vitamin E, fiber and potassium, which are considered good for the heart.

4. Use of olive oil for heart health.

Blockage increases rapidly due to the use of oil in food, so use oil at least. Anyway, oil has no taste in itself. If you have to use oil, then use olive oil.  Olive oil is rich in fatty acids which can reduce the risk of heart disease.

5. Control sugar for heart health.

Blood clots in the arteries are much more likely to be present in patients with sugar.  If the patient has sugar, it is very important to take the drug that controls sugar.

6. Keep control of weight for heart health.

Obesity can also increase blockage.  Therefore, control your VAT according to your age and length. Exercising daily is also important.

After a heart attack, taking all these things into consideration and eating fried foods and low salt intake, walk for half an hour regularly, including fibrous things in yoga, exercise and eating, you can easily get a second attack. Can be saved from danger

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