How To Avoid Headaches – When Should We Become Alert About Headaches?

When hould We Become Alert About Headaches?

How To Avoid Headaches - When Should We Become Alert About Headaches?

Headache is a very common problem.  Patients also come to doctors with this difficulty. At a time when expensive tests like CT-scan, MRI were not available, diagnosing a headache was as big a challenge for the doctor and after these tests it is still a big challenge. Even today, tens of patients wander a big bundle of those tests between this doctor and the doctor whose pain diagnosis they could not diagnose.  

In fact, in order to understand the headache, patient patient listening to the patient’s headache story and good clinical checkup of the patient is very important.  Often no direction is available from CT scan etc. (Yes, if there is a sudden high headache, then many diseases will be known by them.)

Headache is not a disease in itself, it is also possible.Headache can also be a symptom of some other disease  For example, a slight weakening of the eyes may be the cause of daily headaches. Our only number was 0.25, so we wear glasses at times, never wear them’, or ‘we don’t wear them at all’ – the headache patients who say this do not even know that their glasses are messed up by blowing thousands of rupees in MRI. Are insisting to put They do not believe how much headache can be caused by not putting the number of glasses with ‘little’. Then the ‘inner-pressure’ disease of the eye, which we call ‘glaucoma’, is also a disease which can be ignored even by the common doctor. People continue to eat headache medicine and increased pressure can cause blindness in the eyes. If the headaches persist, it is very important to get an eye specialist to check the eye pressure.

Then headache, fever especially dengue or any high fever can also be a symptom.  From colds, cyanitis, to meningitis – all can cause headaches. If there are tumors in the brain, sudden bleeding in the brain, then very rare reasons, but if there is a sharp headache or if you have a sudden headache from a few days, then these can also be the reason. All these are called secondary headaches. This means that the headache is due to some other disease. To catch this, a vigilant doctor is required who is more willing to listen to the patient than get an examination done.  And I did not even name blood pressure here, sir!

While we have a headache, first of all we pray to the doctor to check our BP, sir today is a headache. Remember that usually there is no complication of blood pressure, high BP alone causes headaches only in twenty-five percent of BP cases.  We have added something like BP to the mind with headache and dizziness that it is considered the only symptom of high BP. This is not the case at all. Until the BP becomes too much, or the brain is not affected due to BP, the problem of headache is not like this in cases of BP.

Now come to this headache which is just yourself. These few headaches are just headaches. They are a disease in themselves. These are called primary headaches. These headaches are not symptoms of any other disease.  He has his own personality. Migraine, tension, haddock, cluster haddock etc. are similar headaches.

By reading the name of migraine here, you must have suddenly become enlightened.  Why not – ten times heard is a very popular name. We have every headache, which is not healing, which is not known properly, patients and often doctors also put it in the account of migraine. (We will talk separately about migraine sometime.Then you will know that not every headache is migraine) And for this reason, taking migraine medicines also does not cure.  Will there be a migraine, only then will it be okay with migraine medicine? However.

Here today we will conclude this matter by talking about an important and sometimes fatal situation related to headaches. What is that situation? Suppose ever, if you have a headache, will there be symptoms that indicate that this headache is pointing towards a serious condition. When should we become alert about headaches?  What are the headaches that can prove dangerous?

All of the following headaches can be dangerous. If ever you are like this, then immediately see a doctor of some kind:

1. If the headache is as severe as before, in life, you have never had it.

2. Headache is happening for the first time but very severe headache.

3. If you have vomiting before a headache, then you have a headache.

4. Feeling fainting with headaches, balance of body is deteriorating, tongue lolling, voice stuttering, two looks of one.

5. If the headache increases by bending, coughing, lifting weights.

6. If the headache is such that it disrupts your sleep.

7. If you wake up at night and sleep well, there is a sharp headache.

8. If you are above 55 years of age and this headache has occurred for the first time at this age.

9. If you touch or suppress the temporal veins with headaches, there is more pain in those veins (otherwise the headache is less when pressing the temporalis).

10. If the headache is only from a few days or weeks and continues to increase daily.

Never see any of the above, see a doctor immediately. The case can also be messed up.

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