Neck Pain on Right Side

Neck Pain on Right Side – Neck Pain Can Cause This Serious Disease, Know The Symptoms and Causes.

Neck Pain on Right Side - Neck Pain Can Cause This Serious Disease, Know The Symptoms and Causes.

Neck pain is usually ignored by people, but sometimes it can prove to be very dangerous. Neck pain can occur to women of any age – men and children. Life style has led to a huge increase in patients with cervical spondylosis in the last few years.

What is cervical spondylosis.

Neck pain that affects the cervical is called cervical spondylosis. It reaches the lower neck, both shoulders, collar bone.  This makes it difficult to move the neck and due to weak muscles, it is also difficult to raise the hands.

Why does cervical spondylosis.

Sometimes spondylosis pain in joints (shoulder joints) and neck joints is also genetic, but in most cases it is not. There are many other reasons for having spondylosis such as aging and osteoporosis.

Weak bones due to calcium and vitamin D deficiency.

Using a high pillow at bedtime, lying down, reading TV and sitting in front of the computer for hours.

Switch stitching around the bells. To carry the burden in a wrong way and over physical strength.

Patients suffering from arthritis.Long driving.

After a serious injury or fracture, bones begin to decay. Smoking is also an important reason.

Symptoms and troubles. Sometimes neck pain can range from mild to more.

Neck pain and neck stiffness are the main symptoms that aggravate the condition.

Back pain in the head.

The sound of grinding in the neck when the neck is rotated.dizziness.

Pain and stiffness in the tendons. Numbness in hands.

Pain in the fingers of both hands, which we call cervical radiculopathy. It is caused by a pinched nerve.

There is swelling in the neck.

Cervical spondylosis problem is not limited to joint and neck pain only, symptoms like fever, fatigue, vomiting, dizziness, lack of earthquake may also appear when the problem becomes severe.

If you and any of your relatives have these problems, immediately meet your nearest physiotherapist and seek advice.

What to do.

Keep the neck straight while sitting.

Keep the back straight while driving.

Sleep on a plank instead of a mattress.

Use soft and low height pillow.

Eat nutritious food, especially food that is rich in vitamin D and calcium. Women’s neck. In acute pain, add salt in hot water and compress it. Do this at least three to four times a day. It is very beneficial in giving relief to pain quickly.

Keep them of.

Do not smoke. Reduce intake of caffeine and caffeine.

Do not sit by bending the neck for too long. Don’t watch Lucky TV. Don’t sit at a frequent computer. If it is necessary to do this, then keep rotating the neck here and there for a while. Do not use high pillows.


According to physiotherapist Dr.Tanvi Chauhan, cervical exercises reduce the intensity of pain and also heal frozen joints and muscles. While doing physiotherapy exercise, always keep in mind that if at any time it seems that the pain is increasing, do not exercise at all.  Do cervical exercise at least twice.

work out.

For this, you can do some special exercises.

1. Range of Motion Exercise.

Tilt your head to the right side of the shoulder. Wait a little and then bring it to the center. Do this sequence on the left side also.

Tilt your chin down, stop and then move the head back.Turn your head towards the ear on the left side, stop and then bring it to the middle. Do this sequence on the right side also.

2. Isometric exercises.

Do not hold your breath while doing this exercise. Do every exercise five to six times and leave the body loose.

Apply pressure on the palms from your forehead and do not allow the head to move from its place.

Give the pressure of your hats to the left side of the head and do not let the head move. Do the same sequence on the right side. Apply the pressure of your arms behind the head and keep the head steady.

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