Ear Pain in Toddler

Ear Pain in Toddler – Have children When Suffering From Earache.

Ear Pain in Toddler - Have children When Suffering From Earache

Ear pain is very painful. The sooner it is treated, the better it is for the child. When the baby cries, try to know what the problem is. Try to identify earache with its symptoms. If the child starts crying after pulling the ear again and again, then know for sure that there is a problem in his ear.

Young children are the life of a family.  It is said that when an innocent, innocent child smiles and laughs, the whole world swings with him happily. But when this child cries from any physical discomfort, the whole family becomes restless to overcome the child’s suffering. Older children can tell their suffering by speaking, but younger children can not even tell their problems.

A major reason for crying in young children can also be a child suffering from earache. Let us see what causes a child’s ear pain. Ear pain can mainly arise in two ways.

The cause of pain is a disease caused by the ear.

The cause of pain is in the throat, teeth, eyes or nose, but the pain is felt in the ear.

What are the major causes or ear diseases that can cause pain in the ear of a child. Let’s know them-

Often, the swelling of the eardrum occurs in children, because in children, the tube connecting the ear and throat, also known as the eustachian tube, is very small and straight. (Which is long and S-shaped in an older person), if the child has a cold, cough and throat infection such as swelling in the tonsils, then this infection reaches behind the ear curtain very quickly, causing swelling in the curtain. Which causes severe pain.

It has been seen many times that mothers lazily breastfeed the baby, which causes infection behind the eardrum through the eustachian tube, causing such a small child to get pus in the ear and also get severe pain.  .

Many times, the ear is also cleaned with water while bathing, due to which moisture in the ear can cause fungus or fungus which causes severe pain and itching.

Sometimes, excessive pain or accumulation of wax in the ear causes intense pain.

Other reasons: Apart from all the above reasons, there are many reasons which are outside the ear but still their pain is felt in the ear. In the case of swelling and pus in the tonsils, swelling of the gums due to tooth decay or infection, swelling of the jaw joint, ear pain is also felt for all these reasons.

Symptoms Baby cries with ears pulled.

Severe pain arises due to pressing or pressing the ear

Pain may be accompanied by fever and cold

The temperature of the skin around the ear may increase.

Thickened pus and watery discharge from the ears is possible

Pain in throat and jaw opening may be felt.

Rescue and vice.

During breastfeeding, your baby’s head should be placed higher than his chest or at a 45 degree angle.  That is why it is advisable to sit and breastfeed.  Lactation of breast milk increases the risk of ear infection twice.  In the same way, the head of a child who drinks milk from a bottle should be raised high on the pillow and given a bottle.

Baking the ear and its surrounding skin lightly with a warm cloth gives relief.

If wax or dirt is accumulating in the ear, do not try to clean it with a clip or pin, but it is advisable to seek the advice of a doctor.

If the child has tooth decay or swelling of the gums, get him treated by a specialist.

After bathing, wipe both the ears of the child with a soft towel and keep it dry.  This is unlikely to cause fungus.

Therefore, by taking the above small precautions, we can keep our child’s pain away.

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