Ear Pain in child

Ear Pain in child – 12 effective Home Remedies For Ear Pain For children

Ear Pain in child - 12 effective Home Remedies For Ear Pain For children

Ear pain is a common cause of pain and discomfort for everyone. It becomes a major cause of concern in children because children are too young to tell the cause of pain. Therefore, it is up to the child caregiver to understand how the pain can be reduced. There are many causes of ear pain, such as infection, ear piercing and boils. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the cause of earache to find the appropriate remedy.

Natural remedies for children’s ear pain.

If a child is constantly crying, looks restless, or keeps his her ears away from you, he  she may have an ear infection.

Following are the simple home remedies for ear pain in children.

1. Hot Fomentation: To reduce pain in the ear and neck area, bake with a hot towel.  You can heat the towel by pressing on a hot griddle or hot iron. A heating pad or a small plastic bottle filled with hot water may also be used. Your child may flinch due to feeling uncomfortable with it.  Do not get angry or irritated by this, but try to talk to the child to make him comfortable.

2. Cold fomentation: If hot fomenting is not providing relief, then use cold fomentation instead. Be vigilant and avoid applying ice directly to your baby’s skin, as this can stop blood flow. Ice can be placed in a waterproof bag or wrapped in a towel.  A packet of frozen milk is also good for this. If you have run out of ice, fill cold water in a small plastic bottle and reduce your child’s pain.

3. Tulasi leaves: This simple and cheap remedy can always be used. Tulsi is known for its unique medicinal properties.  Mash the basil leaves and extract its juice and put a few drops in the ear.

4. Olive oil: Olive oil is one of the most effective natural remedies to treat children’s ear infections. Heat a small amount of olive oil in a clean pot or in the microwave until it reaches body temperature. Apply this oil lightly around and inside the painful ear with a clean earbud. Do not forget to use a towel to avoid spoiling the surrounding area by dropping a few drops of oil.

5. Garlic: Grind some buds of garlic and heat it with a little sesame olive oil. Sieve using a clean cloth and use this garlic oil in and around the affected ear.

6. Neelgiri oil and medicated cotton swabs: Add a few drops of diluted eucalyptus oil to a cotton swab and apply it to the infected ear for relief from pain.  Do this process daily until the pain subsides.

7. Mustard oil: In most cases to avoid the accumulation of dirt, the ears naturally flush out the excess dirt, but when it does not, it can harden the dirt of the ear. Due to this obstruction it can cause infection. To reduce this barrier, put few drops of lukewarm mustard oil in the infected ear.  Continue this process for a week.  Some soft scum will come out on its own and some more oil can be used to remove the remaining scum. Mustard oil cleans the infected area by removing dirt and external dirt.  You can inspect the ear with a flashlight to see if it has been cleaned.  You can remove eardrums as follows:

Fill a small lid with oil in the affected ear

Wait a few minutes

Cover baby’s ear with tissue paper

Tilt the head to remove fluid

8. Neelgiri Oil Massage: Never use eucalyptus oil in its original form as it is pungent and astringent. Dilute it with coconut oil, sesame oil or olive oil. Using a clean utensil or microwave, slightly lukewarm it. Massage downwards into the area around the ear and neck, when the oil cools down then lukewarm again.

9. Breastfeeding: It is a good option for lactating mothers. Put some fresh drops of mother’s milk in the infected ear. It is a well-known remedy for treating ear infections in infants because it contains antibodies. Care should be taken not to infect milk by putting it in a dirty vessel.  Also, it should not be removed directly from the breast, because the pressure will be too high for an infant’s ear. The best approach is to collect mother’s milk in a clean utensil and use an ear dropper.

10. Salt: You can use granulated salt as a home remedy to treat ear infections in children. Microwave a cup of granulated salt for one minute. Mix it and heat it for one more minute. Put it in a cotton socks and tie its open end. Keep it above the infected ear for 10 minutes and repeat the process if necessary.

11. Interest: Keep the infected ear elevated to reduce the velocity of blood. Cut a small onion, heat it lukewarm on low heat to soften it and extract its juice. Put a few drops in the ear. Its disinfectant properties will help fight infection and reduce pain.

12. Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil is also used to treat ear pain of children. Mix a few drops of thin oil of tea tree oil in olive oil and warm it to lukewarm temperature. Use a clean dropper to pour a few drops into each ear. Stay calm and do not use force, because the ear is a sensitive organ.

Earache is usually a symptom rather than a disease. Cold, flu and phlegm are the main reasons for this pain in children.  These are simple home remedies for quick relief, but it is important to identify the cause. The above measures work well and can also provide immediate relief.

However, all types of earache cannot be cured through home remedies. Issues such as ear piercing and widespread infection can permanently damage hearing. This is why if the pain is unbearable or continues for more than a week then you should take your child to the pediatrician.

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