Ear Pain in children

Ear Pain in children – Treatment of Ear Pain in children.

Ear Pain in children - Treatment of Ear Pain in children.

The problem of ear pain in children is very common.  Children often complain to their parents of an ear ache.  Children’s ear pain indicates an infection in their ear.  About 40 percent of children under the age of five have ear pain problems.

Apart from infection, there are many other reasons for ear pain.  But the infection is believed to be the main cause. In such a situation, children need treatment. Also, many home remedies can be adopted to cure ear pain in children.

In this article you have been told about ear pain in children. In addition, you have been told about the symptoms of children’s ear pain, causes of children’s ear pain, prevention of children’s ear pain and treatment of children’s ear pain, etc.

1. Symptoms of children’s ear pain.

2. Causes and Risk Factors of Ear Ears in Children.

3. Protecting children from ear pain.

4. Treatment of ear pain in children.

5. Home remedy for ear pain in children.

Symptoms of children’s ear pain.

Symptoms of ear pain in adults can be easily identified. During this time, adults have pain in the ears, fluid starts coming out of the ear and they are less heard. But the symptoms of ear pain in children are more widespread. The following are the symptoms that occur in this problem.

Ear Pulling:

Children get pulled from their ears due to severe pain due to ear pain.


Sometimes, ear pain also becomes a cause of fever in children without any other problem. Children’s body temperature exceeds 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) due to fever caused by ear infections in children.

Loss of appetite to the child:

Eustachian tube: 

Swelling in the inner ear tube causes intense pressure on the middle part of the ear and causes mild to moderate pain.  In this situation the child is not interested in eating and his appetite also decreases.  

Nausea and vomiting:

Two to three-year-old children experience persistent nausea and vomiting due to internal pressure within the ear.

Hearing problems:

Due to the collection of infected fluid in the middle part of the ear, the voice does not reach the inner ear of children.  Because of this, the child has difficulty in hearing and is not able to respond quickly to anything.

Having trouble sleeping:

Due to severe pain in the ear, the child has trouble sleeping and becomes irritable.

Fluid from the ear:

In ear pain, yellow or white colored fluid comes out from the child’s ear, which indicates a pus in the ear.

Causes and Risk Factors of Ear Ears in Children.

Ear pain in children can be due to:

Getting into foreign ear:

Often children ingest anything in the mouth, ears and nose. The insertion of any foreign object into the ear by the child also causes ear pain.

Cold and cough:

Colds are the main cause of ear infections in children.The virus of cold catches in the middle part of the child’s ear (Eustachian tube) along with the pus and causes infection.

Ear scab:

Many times, children start to feel earache due to excessive amount of dirt in the ear or due to excessive ingestion of the ear.  By this, the child starts to sound like ringing in the ear and he feels intense pain.

Sinonazole infection:

A sinus infection is called sinusitis.  This causes inflammation in the eustachian tube, causing pressure in the middle ear.

Middle ear infections:

Viral and bacterial infection in the middle ear of the child also causes severe pain in the ear.

Changes in ear pressure:

The child also feels ear pain due to changes in ear pressure.  Moving to a higher place changes this pressure, such as during air travel.

Risk factors for ear pain in children.

Infection is the main cause of ear pain and the following conditions increase the risk of ear pain in the child.

Infants born before the scheduled time:

Doctors say that babies who are born before a certain time of pregnancy are more likely to get middle ear infections.  The main reason for this is the slow growth of resistance.

Living in an environment that is roaming and polluting:

Children exposed to smoking environment and excessive exposure to smoke emanating from vehicles are at greater risk of ear infection.

Living in Day Care:

In an urban environment, most children spend most of their time in day care after school, day care is also known as crèche.  Such children are at greater risk of getting a cold cold and throat infection. Both colds and throat infections cause ear infections.

Protecting children from ear pain.

With a slight change in the lifestyle of the child, you can protect the child from ear pain. To prevent earache in children, you can adopt the following measures:

Do not clean the child’s ear with any sharp-edged thing and take care that the child does not do so.

Do not breastfeed or feed milk to the lying baby, because by doing so, the child may have ear infection.

While playing indoors and outdoors, the child also touches dust and contaminated things many times. In such a situation, you should teach the child a good habit of washing hands before eating.

To protect the ear of the child while swimming, apply ear plug (ear protector) to his ear.

Do not ignore the child’s frequent coughs and colds.

The child should be regularly vaccinated against the flu and other diseases.  This reduces the chances of infection in the middle ear of the child.

Breastfeeding the baby regularly after birth. Mother’s milk provides antibodies to the baby, which protects him from various bacterial and viral infections.

Treatment of ear pain in children.

Ear pain in children is treated based on their causes. If the ear pain of the child is due to some disease such as a cold, sinus or any other reason, then the child’s earache gets cured by treating these problems automatically. Whereas, the infection that becomes the main cause of ear pain needs to be treated. For this, doctors can suggest the following treatment.


A mild infection in the child’s ear is also usually the cause of severe pain. In this situation, doctors recommend giving Ibrufine and Paracetamol to reduce the child’s pain. This also reduces the fever of the child due to infection. But the doctor must be consulted before giving more quantity of these medicines to the child.

Staying a while:

Many times, doctors do not give any kind of medicine if the child has a mild ear infection or pain. In this situation, doctors wait for one to two weeks for the infection to heal on its own. In this process the body’s immune system is relied upon to cure the infection on its own.


If the child’s ear infection is severe, doctors give antibiotics. In addition, antibiotics are given to children even if the child has a fever of 102 degrees or more and has mild or severe pain in the ear for more than 48 hours. Antibiotics are first given to children under 6 months of age during severe pain in their middle ear.

Home remedy for ear pain in children.

If the child cries continuously and appears fatigued, he may have an ear infection.  The following home remedies can be adopted in the case of child’s ear pain.

Warm up on the baby’s ear.

Or you can compress the baby’s ear cold.

Tulsi plant is found in most of the houses in India. It has many medicinal properties.  Putting a few drops of extracts of basil leaves in the ear of the child provides relief in ear pain.

Olive oil (olive oil) is also considered an effective home remedy for ear pain.  To use it, you can take a little oil and make it lukewarm and apply it outside and inside the affected ear of the child with the help of cotton.

Other home remedies for children’s ear pain.

garlic oil

mother’s milk

mustard oil

Tea tree oil

Eucalyptus oil, etc

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