Toothache How To Stop

Troubled by toothache, toothache how to stop. if you want immediate relief, follow this remedy

Toothache How To Stop

Eating at the wrong time or not having the teeth properly cleaned after eating, causes worms in the teeth, causing a toothache. Not only this, sometimes due to lack of calcium, there is also a problem of toothache. Toothache is quite painful. One has to go to the doctor to get rid of this problem. But there are also some measures, with the help of which toothache can be reduced to a great extent. So let’s know about some such measures-

Use of basil

The medicinal properties of Tulsi help cure many diseases. It is unmatched in relieving toothache. To get relief from a toothache, mix black pepper powder in the juice of basil leaves. Now make its pills and place them on the toothache. By adopting this remedy,
toothache how to stop. you will get a lot of relief from toothache.

Clove will work

Clove has been used for centuries to overcome the problem of toothache. In the case of toothache, press the clove between the teeth. Additionally, you can also get relief from toothache by using clove powder or clove oil.

Guava leaves are effective

You may not be aware, toothache how to stop but guava leaves are also an effective treatment to relieve toothache. To use it, press and keep the fresh guava leaves on the toothache. Soon you will get rest. By the way, if you want, you can also boil guava leaves and use it as a mouth wash.

Garlic is effective

The antibiotic properties of garlic are very effective in relieving toothache. For its use, crush garlic buds and mix salt or pepper in it and apply it to the painful area. This will give you a lot of relief. However, while adopting this remedy, one thing should be kept in mind that garlic should be used not by cutting but by crushing. By doing this, there is a release of oil from garlic, which cures toothache.

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