How To Clean Toothbrush

how to clean toothbrush – Clean your toothbrush in this way

How To Clean Toothbrush

It is very important to keep a clean toothbrush cleaning teeth. Periodically keep cleaning your toothbrush and pay attention to its maintenance.

Toothbrush cleaning

The American Dental Association suggests that your brush should always be changed at intervals of 3 months. With this, as long as you are using a toothbrush, take full care of its cleanliness. Toothbrush dirt can harm your teeth as well as your heart. If you are cured after a long illness, change your brush. Also, try these methods of cleaning the broth.

Do not close and keep the toothbrush

Nowadays a box is available in the market to cover the bristle with a brush. But this method is not correct. This causes germs to grow in your brush. Also, after using a toothbrush, keep it upright, this causes the water stored on the brush to fall and the toothbrush dries up. This does not cause germs caused by moisture.

Do not keep toothbrushes in the bathroom

If your toothbrush stays in the bathroom, try to stay at least 2 feet away from the commode. Because at the time of flushing, the bacteria present in the water gets spread throughout the bathroom, which is stuck on your toothbrush. Clean your toothbrush holder once a week. This will not let bacteria in the holder get into your brush. Be sure to clean the bottom of the brush holder. Cover the commode as well

Do not brush together

Do not keep toothbrushes of all household members together. If you are keeping many toothbrushes in a container, then make sure that they do not touch each other. This allows bacteria from one toothbrush to easily move to another toothbrush. After brushing, dry the toothbrush with a good shake. Because the more wet a toothbrush is, the greater the risk of germinating.

Cleaning brush in this way

Drying the brush outside in the air will not cause fungus in your brush. To clean the dirt accumulated inside the brush, keep it in boiling water for 5 minutes. Do this daily. Baking soda is an effective cleaning agent. Put the head of your toothbrush in a glass and soak it with baking soda and a little water.

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