20 Is Indian Food Vegan

20 Is Indian Food Vegan. Street Food That Brings Mouth Watering

20 Is Indian Food Vegan. Street Food That Brings Mouth Watering

By the way, very good and tasty Is Indian Food Vegan food is found in big hotels in India. But another specialty of our India is that the street food here is available in every street, people eat it with great fervor, and it does not even get filled on the pocket. Street food is mostly non-edible due to being found on the street, but there is plenty of tasty food. Chaat in Lucknow and Chole Bhathure of Delhi and Vada Pav in Mumbai are mouth-watering.

Everyone loves street food but it is most popular among school and college children. Because it is available everywhere for less money. So let’s get to know some such mouth-watering tasty street food.

1.Pani Puri

Pani Puri is found in every corner of India. In Kolkata, it is known as Golgappa and in Mumbai Puchka. Not only girls but boys also eat it with great fervor.

2.Vada Pav

Vada Pav is the Best and popular street food in Mumbai. Due to its taste, it can now be eaten in every city of India. Eat potato Tikki with a bun.


Charmin is always a favorite of children, as well as we all like it very much, we also make it very easy at home. But it is more fun to earning outside.


dosa is a staple food in southern India, but due to its taste, it is eaten all over India today. There are many types of dosas and everyone likes this food according to their choice.


Momos This is a Chinese dish, in today’s time, everyone likes it from children to grown-ups, it is found only in North India and it is also eaten a lot. We make momos in different ways. The chutney served with momos is very tasty and tastes very different.


Bhelpuri is a very famous chaat of Mumbai, which has become very famous in India as well as worldwide. It is made by mixing puffed rice, onion, potato, Kerry, and various chutneys.

7.Egg rolls

Egg rolls are Kolkata popular, but now it is eaten all over India. It is eaten in a paratha with eggs, onion tomatoes and chutney.


Bhaji is a kind of vegetable. Which you can make all the way. Then whether it is onion bhaji, aloo bhaji, or green chili bhaji.


Samosas The trend of hot samosas is very high in the country of India. When people talk about the evening breakfast, they first think of samosas and the chutney served with it.


Jalebi is a popular dessert in North India, Pakistan, and the Middle East. It is eaten with more curd.


Chart Everyone’s mouth gets water as soon as they hear the name of the chat. As soon as the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlicking, the country also starts to miss; She can grab anyone by the side of the road, adorned with chaat chalk, the fragrance of Tikki.

12.Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature is a favorite dish of Punjab. But now it is available in other than Punjab, Delhi, and many other nearby cities.


The kebabs of Lucknow are also very good kebabs. Although kebabs were mostly non-vegetarian, for those who are not non-vegetarian, many types of lentils and other food items are also made.

14.Potato Tiki

Potato Tiki is the most popular chaat in North India. Mouthwatering comes from the fragrance of roasting. Potato Tikki is served with sour chutney, sweet chutney, curd, and potato flakes on top.

15.Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji Pav Bhaji is a major West Indian snack. This breakfast is popular in Maharashtra and Gujarat. A lot of butter is poured while making its bhaji, due to which the people are drawn towards it.


Maggie has made a place in the house in just two minutes. Maggi wants to eat only to feed the children and the elders immediately. Then whether it is a century or made with lots of vegetables.

17.Shawarma Roll

Shawarma Roll This is an Arabic dish, but now it is also eaten well in India. To make it Rumali Roti is filled with mayonnaise, vinegar, and grilled chicken.


Due to the delicious aroma of parantha, family members know that parantha is being made in the house. The Lazee Paranthas are known for their fragrance and taste. They are made in many ways. Be it potato parathas, gobi parathas, radish parathas, mushroom parathas, or lentil parathas.


Rabri is a staple dessert of Rajasthan and Haryana, which is also very popular and inexpensive and is easily prepared locally.


Chop Aloo Egg is made with chicken, fish, or vegetables. It is popular in Kolkata mostly

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