Best Healthy Food Essay

Essay on a balanced diet- Essay on Healthy Food

Best Healthy Food Essay

Food is the need of every person, which gives us energy. Food must be balanced for energy. A balanced diet means a meal that contains the right amount of protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber. A balanced diet is very important for us to be healthy. A balanced diet includes rice, roti, lentils, green vegetables, milk, and curd, etc. We should all eat healthy food every day. Healthy food gives us a happy life. We should also eat fruits daily in a balanced diet.

In modern times, people are forgetting the importance of a balanced diet and going away from healthy food, due to which the risk of diabetes and obesity in children is increasing. We are getting attracted to delicious food and are not paying attention to the quality of the food at all. Junk foods may be tasty but they are not nutritious at all but are harmful to our health. Too many fried and closed food causes a lot of diseases.

We should all abandon junk food and make a balanced diet a part of our daily routine. Children should make green vegetables in colorful colors and make different dishes which will be attractive to look at and children will be attracted to them. Along with children, growing should also take a balanced diet. A balanced diet makes us powerful and provides the ability to fight against diseases. We should keep our three meals in such a way that nutritious food is available in them. We can eat outside sometimes but we have to eat healthy every day. We should boycott packet food and eat only fresh food.

We should eat cereal with milk every morning. Rice, roti, dal salad, etc. should be eaten in the afternoon The garden should have a light breakfast for three hours after lunch and should eat bread roti at night. Milk and fruit or jus should be drunk before going to bed at night. We should follow a balanced diet regularly. A balanced diet keeps us physically and mentally balanced and our concentration power increases. Healthy food is the only way to stay healthy, which we have to consume daily

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