For Dry Cough Remedy


For Dry Cough Remedy – Home Remedies To Relieve Dry Cough.

Whenever the weather changes, people are the first to complain of cold and cold and cough. Due to which many times the nose has to be closed and there is difficulty in breathing. Usually cold and cold are cured by taking medicines, but the problem of cough goes on for a long time. There are two types of cough. A cough in which phlegm means cough. While many times there is cough without phlegm. Which is colloquially called dry cough. In such a situation, today we are telling you the home remedies to remove dry cough (Dry cough Remedies at home).

Home remedies to relieve dry cough.

1. Consuming honey 3-4 times a day is very beneficial in dry cough. Antibacterial elements are found in plenty in honey.  Due to which it is easy to eliminate the bacteria present in the throat. In many researches honey has been found to be more effective than antibacterial drugs.

2. Black pepper is considered a panacea for all types of coughs and colds. Pepper decoction, roasted black pepper with gram or food

Taking black pepper mixed with hot milk gives relief within a few days.

3. Antibacterial and anti-oxidant elements are found in abundance in turmeric. In such a situation, taking turmeric is very effective in cough, throat pain and colds.

4. Consuming ginger, hot ginger water and ginger tea during cough is very beneficial.  Apart from this, consuming ginger juice mixed with honey also provides relief from cough and dry cough.

5. Basil is a medicinal plant. In which there are many antibacterial and anti oxidant elements. Consuming basil juice mixed with honey or making a decoction of basil, drinking tea with basil ginger also provides relief from dry cough.