What Causes Dry Cough


What Causes Dry Cough – What does dry cough mean, how is it    different from normal cough?

The number of people infected with the corona virus is increasing continuously in the country and the world. Thousands of people have lost their lives by this epidemic. The government has taken many precautionary measures to prevent this. Lockdown across the country is also one of them.

People are very nervous.  Like the flu, one of the main symptoms of corona is cough and difficulty in breathing. But, cough can be differentiated between these two. The doctor says that in case of corona there is a dry cough. At the same time, the common symptoms of colds (running nose), cough, headache, red eyes and watery eyes are the main symptoms.

There are still many people who do not understand the meaning of dry cough.  They cannot separate it from the common cough. Mohammad Kamran Rushdie, a doctor working at the Community Health Center in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, says that it is observed that people do not understand the meaning of dry cough.  He said that when coughing up mucus or phlegm, it is a dry cough. That is, nothing comes out in this kind of cough.  That’s it, cough.

Doctors say that if fever is accompanied by shortness of breath and dry cough, then one should be careful as these are symptoms of corona. Sanjay Singh, a doctor working at the Community Health Center in Mawai, Ayodhya, explains the causes of dry cough more deeply. He said that there are fibers or very fine fibers in our windpipe. When mucus comes from the lungs, they send its information to the brain. A cough comes to remove this mucus or phlegm.

Sanjay says that dry cough is not very common. It is found in very few cases.  Dry cough causes swelling in the throat.  There may be irritation in the respiratory tract. This creates quite a mess. The throat gets sore  Dry cough keeps on coming. At the same time, mucus with cough is common in most cases. Dry cough has been found to be the main symptom in more than 60% of corona cases.