Symptoms of heart attack men – Complete information about heart attack

Symptoms of heart attack men – Complete information about heart attack: Causes, early warning and Treatment options.

Symptoms of heart attack men - Complete information about heart attack: Causes, early warning and Treatment options.

Brief Overview of I Heart Attack:

As if the risk of heart attack is increasing.  Everyone is at risk from heart disease, from children to old men. Heart attacks are considered to be major in heart diseases, which are spreading rapidly throughout the world. If it is not treated at the right time, then there is a possibility of death.

Major causes of heart attack:

Age: More than 45 years of age for men, and more than 55 years of age for women are more likely to have a heart attack.

Diet: An irregular diet, eating junk food, or over-spicy food causes heart attacks due to busy lifestyles.

Genetics: High risk of heart attack can also be inherited.

Blood pressure: Due to high blood pressure, there is unnecessary stress on the heart.

Obesity: Increased weight gain increases the emphasis on the heart.

Intoxication: Smoking and substance users are at risk of heart attack.

Mental stress: People who work shift work, or who do stress in their personal life for a long time may face the risk of heart attack.

Apart from these, the enzyme ie lack of oxygen in the heart, high cholesterol level, inactivity of the body and diabetes is a risk factor for heart attack.

How to test initial warnings ?:

The symptoms of a heart attack are of different types. And even a single person’s heart attack can be different from the last one. Chest pain or pressure is the most common symptom of a heart attack. It is important to know the symptoms of a heart attack for early detection and early treatment. Keep in mind that in your everyday life, you should take care of your health as much as you take care of your loved ones.

Early warning of heart problem:

Heart attack symptoms are different in women as well as men. A study has shown that women have more heart problems than men.

Symptoms of heart attack in women:

Women often ignore these certain symptoms of heart attack as minor.

● Pain in the chest and breast of women, severe pain in the upper part of the body ie neck, back, teeth, arms and shoulder bones.

● Dizziness, feeling restless, or head spinning, nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, etc. are more visible in women than men. This is often due to a blocked right artery delivering Jake blood deep into the heart.

● Jaw pain is a major symptom of heart attack in women because the veins near it come out of your heart.  This pain occurs in a short time.

● Difficulty in breathing, coughing attack and heavy breathing (a study has shown that 42% of women who have a heart attack face this problem.

● Sudden sweating due to change of hormones is very common in women aged 55 years. However, sudden sweating can also be a symptom of heart attack.

Symptoms of heart attack in men:

Heart attack symptoms are frequently found in men and women.  However, these 3 symptoms of heart attack found in men are main

● Frequent snoring and not getting enough oxygen at bedtime can be signs of heart attack. Lack of sleep increases the risk of heart attack. It should be treated as soon as possible.

● Pain in the feet can be a sign of heart attack on a walk. When the arteries are narrowed and blood flow is obstructed, blood reaches the joints, stomach and head less and pain occurs due to lack of blood in the legs

● Abdominal pain and upper back pain.

When to seek help from a doctor?

Pay attention to the symptoms of heart attack and if some new symptoms are being felt and they are not going away then go to the doctor immediately.  Be careful when you see physical changes.  Do not ignore it because of weakness or any other reason due to work pressure, contact your nearest hospital or doctor immediately.  It is better to regret it later and get advice from a doctor and stay safe.

Diagnosis and treatment of heart attack:

Heart attack is more important than cure.  Before getting such an attack, consult the doctors. I. CG, Chest X-ray,

Echocardiogram, Angiogram, Cardiac CT or MR. It is very easy in today’s time to make diseases through eye, etc.

Identify the major symptoms of heart attack, such as chest tightness and restlessness, rapid breathing, dizziness, sweating, weakness and restlessness.

Contact doctor and hospital in time.

Remedies needed to overcome heart disease:

Changing lifestyles, wrong eating and unhealthy eating habits have damaged our heart, although there are some ways or means by which you can overcome your heart attack very easily.

Diet (Diet): If you eat anything in a hurry, then leave your habit early because you should take calories according to your metabolism and physical activity. Take a daily diet or diet. A balanced and nutritious diet helps in weight control and controlling blood sugar. If you are suffering from a heart problem, then you should include fruits, salads, green vegetables, whole grains in your diet. You should greatly reduce the consumption of oil and ghee in your day meal.  It is also important to keep distance from smoking.

Prescribed exercise: Prescribed exercise is very important in keeping our body and health healthy. Regular exercise not only helps keep your heart healthy, but also keeps our body away from many diseases.  Do any exercise for at least 30 minutes a day or you can go to the park for at least 30 minutes. By doing this you will burn excess fat and your cholesterol level will also be controlled. The more active people are, the lower the risk of heart attack.

Cardiac Rehab (Heart Rehabilitation): Cardiac rehabilitation can improve the future of your heart. This is a medically supervised program. It consists of three important parts:

● Exercise counseling and training

● Heart-healthy education

● Counseling to reduce stress

Your doctor, nurse, pharmacist as well as family and friends will be with you and help you in handling the lifestyle and habits associated with your heart problem.

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