Ear Pain Home Remedies

Ear Pain Home Remedies – Unbearable Pain of Ear Will Go Away in minutes.

Ear Pain Home Remedies - Unbearable Pain of Ear Will Go Away in minutes

Ear ache – The ear is an important part of our body, which is very important to clean at regular intervals.Actually, the ear does not have a separate protective layer, so that small particles and waxes in the form of dust and soil accumulate inside our ear.  Which can cause bacterial infections in the ear. Apart from this, ear diseases are common in winter and rainy days. Cold, hoarse sound, injury, insect infestation or infection in the ear, excess scum, or water in the ear while bathing, etc.

Ear infection – It happens. These pains are unbearable to get out of. Many times, due to ear, there is also a problem of dizziness, heavy headache and fever

Relieve earache – You can also follow some home tips to get it. It will not cost much money on your medicines and you will get immediate relief.

                 Treatment of earache

1. Use vitamin-C rich foods in the diet, such as guava, lemon, orange, papaya etc. These fruits are beneficial in reducing earache.

2. Grind 3 garlic buds in sesame oil and heat it well. Then filter and fill it in the vial.  Put 4-5 drops in the ear. There will be immediate relief from pain.

3. Dripping two drops of ginger juice also relieves ear pain and swelling.

4. Ear pain disappears with onion juice.  It also helps in reducing ear swelling, pain, and infection.

5. Heat olive oil and put it in the ear, it also provides relief in ear pain.

6. Squeezing two drops of fresh basil juice into the ear also provides relief.

7. Mulberry is useful in ear pain. Fry it in ghee and make a fine paste by grinding it.  Then apply it in the ear. In just a few minutes, the pain will end completely.

                 How to do ear cleaning

Wax deposition in the ear is natural. It prevents dirt and bacteria from entering the ear canal, but it is not good to fill too much wax. People who use earphones too much have an ear infection problem. This causes the ears to be heard, hearing less and also causes pain. Many try to take it out with sharp, bobby pins which can be fatal.

One of the best ways to clean the dirt from the ears is to clean the ears after bathing because the wax becomes soft after bathing.

You can prepare many such natural things at home which makes wax soft. Take one spoon each of hydrogen paraoxide, glycerin and mineral oil and prepare the solution. Now put two to three drops in the ear and leave it overnight. In the morning, clean the ear thoroughly with ear bud.

Prepare the solution by taking equal amounts of hydrogen paraoxide and water.  Now pour a few drops of it into the ears and let it go well in the ear. After that turn the ear and remove the remaining solution. Keep in mind that the amount of hydrogen does not exceed 3 tn or else it can be fatal.

Baby oil or a few drops of mineral oil can be put into the ears to remove dirt. The oil will soften the ear wax so that it comes out comfortably. You can also use olive oil.

Remove onion juice. Put a few drops in the ear with the help of a dropper.

Regular ear cleaning is also good with ear buds.But these buds should be soft.  If you use strong buds or sharp things, it can damage the inner part of the ear.

If you have ear pain, get a medical check up first.

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