Pain in the neck right side Neck

Pain in the neck right side Neck, Pain Can Cause Serious illness, Learn Causes, Symptoms And Prevention

Pain in the neck right side Neck

The problem of neck pain is constantly increasing. Due to poor body posture, there is tension in the neck muscles. The ever-increasing trend of computers has made this problem more serious, as people are constantly working on computers for hours. If treatment is not done in time, the cervical pen is not limited to the neck only, but also spreads to other parts of the body. The number of people who complain of cervical pain is increasing rapidly nowadays. If ignored, the consequences can be severe. Manoj Sharma is telling about the rescue from this

Cervical pain

The problem of neck pain is called cervical pain in the medical language. Cervical pain occurs due to problems in the joints and discs of the cervical spine passing through the neck. This is due to wear and tear in bones and cartilage. Apart from aging, many other reasons such as neck injury, stiffening of ligaments, lack of physical activity, prolonged holding of your neck in an uncomfortable position are also responsible for this. Some people have such severe pain in the neck due to cervicals that they also have to face difficulty in doing their daily tasks. Apart from this, there can be other reasons for this

What are the symptoms

Tightness in the muscles of the neck and stretch in them. Neck pain. The pain increases when the neck is held in the same position for a long time. Like driving or working on computer etc.Tingling, numbness or weakness in hands, feet and toes.

Pain in the back of the head and shoulders. Having trouble balancing and walking the body. muscle cramps.Inability to control the bladder and bowl.

What are the reasons

Muscle strain due to frequent use of computer and mobile. Do not keep neck pose correct whil reading or working. In the neck joints as we age To break down Neck bones damaged due to osteoarthritis. Stretching of muscles and tissues or deforming of vertebrae due to accident or injury.then contact the doctor

Most neck pains are cured by exercising regularly and keeping your posture right.  If not, see a doctor. If pain increases, see a doctor. If pain persists for several days without rest, see a doctor. If the pain spreads from the neck to the arms and legs, see a doctor. If you experience headaches, weakness, numbness and tingling in hands and feet, contact a doctor.

What are the remedies

If the problem of cervical pain is minor, it can be corrected by making lifestyle changes, but if the situation becomes serious, orthopedic surgeon Or show the spine surgeon. It can be easily identified by X-rays, CT scans and MRIs and can also be corrected by treatment.

Drugs and Injection

Many medications are prescribed to reduce the pain caused by damaged nerves, swelling of tissues, and muscle spasms. Injections of steroids are given to reduce pain. Surgery Surgical pain is also recommended if physical therapy and medications do not cure the cervical pain.

How to avoid

Keep your posure right while you sit, walk, work on the computer. exercise regularly. Do not talk by holding the mobile phone between your ear and shoulder.

Avoid excessive use of mobile phones.

To keep bones healthy, consume plenty of calcium and vitamin D. Use the right pillow to sleep.

Physical therapy

In physical therapy, certain types of exercises are done under the supervision of a specialist to overcome the stiffness of neck pain. Correct posures are said to relieve neck pain.

Spinal tuberculosis

Spine infection can occur due to vertebral damage and bone fractures. More than one vertebra may be damaged due to spinal tuberculosis. Spinal column deformities can lead to multiple spinal deformities. Spinal canal can also narrow due to spinal tuberculosis, causing nervous system related problems.  If it is not treated in time, the lower part of the body can be paralyzed due to compression of the spinal cord.

Spinal cord tumor

Spinal tumors can develop in the spinal canal or spine bones.  When cells develop abnormally and divide into a spinal cord or spinal column, a nodule or bunch is called a spile tumor. Spinal tumors cause pain, problems with the nervous system, and sometimes paralysis.

Spinal arthritis

Spinal arthritis occurs due to wear and tear in the neck and lower back joints and cartilage of the disc. Sometimes it causes pressure on the nerves coming out of the spinal column, which can cause pain and weakness in the hands or feet.

Cervical myelomalesia

In cervical myelomalesia, the spinal cord is suppressed, which reduces the volume of the spinal cord and makes it soft. This can cause problems throughout the body.  This can cause problems such as pain, difficulty in breathing, weakness in muscles, worsening of nervous system functioning.

(Done to Dr. Vikram Dua, Director, Department of Neurosurgery, QRG Health City Based on conversation)

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