Itching Inside Ear

Home remedies for ear itching, do not have to go to the doctor

itching inside ear

Itching in the ears, running water while bathing, or having a problem of crust freezing. These are all the problems that happen to all of us. On normal days we would immediately go to the ENT Specialist in case of difficulty in the ear. But even thinking about the hospital during the lockdown and corona era is frightening! In such a situation if there is such a problem in the ear how can it be corrected through home remedies, learn here.

Homemade methods of ear care – Most problems in the ear are due to moisture. This happens because moisture gets stored in the inner veins of our ear due to cold or taking cold all the time. For this reason fungus and bacteria thrive there. Those who have severe itching.

Scum no wax she is

We feel that dirt is coming out of our ears. While the bearing does not wax that scum. The wax that our ear mechanism prepares itself for its safety.

Now you must be thinking how this wax will protect the ear Just think, there are many small insects from ants to mosquitoes, which can go inside our ears and cause damage.

These insects do not penetrate the ear and even if penetrated, die by sticking in the wax and do not reach our ear curtains so this wax is prepared in our ears. When this wax becomes too old or too old, the wax is pushed outward by the ear’s mannerism itself.

It happens because our body cleans its inner self. Do not harm the ear by growing dirt, moisture, bacteria in old wax, so naturally, our body throws out this wax and makes new wax.

How to protect the ear from itchy bacteria

If you are having itching problems in the ear, then it is better to heat one bud garlic and one pinch of celery in 1 teaspoon mustard oil. When this mixture cools down, strain it and pour it into the ear like an ear drop and keep lying on it for 20 to 25 minutes. So that the oil can go inside.

During this time, while lying on the bed, you keep moving your mouth slowly, like chewing something. By doing this, the oil will reach the inner parts of your ear and will also massage the muscles. Keep in mind that if you have a cold and itchy ear during this time, you should not use mustard oil.

Applying mustard oil to the ear in the event of a cold-catarrh can weaken the hearing ability of the ear. Therefore, in this case, you should consult a doctor. You can also consult some Ayurveda by phone to know some home remedies according to your situation so that you can get immediate relief.

If you do not have any option available and you have severe itching in your ear, then in this situation you should take some hot beverages. It can be anything like turmeric milk, hot coffee, or black tea that is hot in the effect. Drink it like tea by blowing it and sipping it. By doing this, your ear muscles will be contracted from inside and you will get immediate relief.

Before taking a bath, apply cotton in both ears. Due to this, even drops of water during bathing will not be able to get into the ear and you will reduce the possibility of itching in the ear.

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