High Blood Sugar Level

High Blood Sugar Level : Such symptoms are seen when the amount of sugar in the blood increases.

High Blood Sugar Level

It has become very common for us to increase the amount of sugar in the blood. Because our food and living have become such that the problem of sugar is also seen in children. The special thing is that now they are also vulnerable to sugar, teenagers, or young people, who have no history of diabetes-related to their family.

That is to say, directly speaking, Type-2 diabetics have made them victims at an early age. Learn here, how our body reacts when the amount of sugar in our blood increases, and how our body reacts when this quantity decreases below its level …

When the amount of sugar in the blood increases – When the amount of sugar in the blood increases and this condition persists for a long time, then the weight of a person starts decreasing. Although he starts feeling more hungry and he also eats more food than before, but his weight is decreasing.

A person feels thirst again and again when the sugar in the blood increases. His throat feels dry and dry. And the higher the amount of water a person drinks, the more often one has to go to ruin.

Even if you do not drink water, the amount of urine can be reduced, but not the number of going to the bathroom. In such a situation it is right to drink water so that there is no shortage of water in the body. Sugar patients usually have to go for frequent urines at night.

Excess of sugar in the blood often results in numbness in hands or feet or feel like walking ants. Many times it feels as if nothing is being heard, it feels like silence.

A person gets tired very quickly when the sugar in the blood increases. While some people complain of experiencing weakness in the body all the time. According to them, they are taking the right diet. Now the question arises that what should be done to deal with this situation?

In this case, you should contact the doctor

The increased amount of sugar in the blood for a long time also affects the heart. Also, there is more pressure on the kidneys and liver. You drink water when you are thirsty again, and the kidney has to filter it in equal amounts.

If you are feeling weak only, then you must contact the doctor. You should see a doctor immediately even if you have both numbness in your hands or feet or having frequent ants and in related problems.

Because if you are negligent in this situation, then there is an increased possibility of dizziness, heart-related problems, or kidney-related problems. So you must take the advice of the doctor in time.

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