Best Diet Chart For Health – Will Stay Healthy For Long Life

Best diet chart for Health , will stay healthy for long life

Best Diet Chart For Health - Will Stay Healthy For Long Life
Healthy Food List

Diet tips: Working  have to handle both home and office.  Due to this, she is unable to properly take care of her own food, due to which the body becomes unwell and weak.  It is very dangerous to ignore health, especially for women who work both at office and at home.  In such a situation, you should follow your diet by making your diet chart.

Make nutrients included in the diet chart

should include essential nutrients such as vitamins, zinc, protein, calcium etc. in their diet chart so that they remain healthy.  To be fit and healthy, it is necessary to have a Healthy Diet Chart.

Eat milk and eggs for breakfast

Morning breakfast not only keeps you energetic throughout the day, but it also keeps you from many diseases.  In this case, do not forget to have breakfast and in the morning have breakfast egg, milk, oatmeal, butter bread, cornflakes or sandwiches.  You can also have 1 cup of tea or coffee.  Milk must be included in the daily diet chart.

Include fruits in diet chart

Consumption of fruits also fulfills the deficiency of essential nutrients in the body to keep women healthy.  In such a situation, make seasonal fruits, apples, bananas, papaya and strawberries a part of your diet.  You can also eat fruits in the morning as well as in two-day snack snacks.

Eat broccoli and spinach in lunch

Lunch at least 4-5 hours after breakfast.  You can eat seasonal or green vegetables, lentils, yogurt and chapattis in a double meal.  Apart from this, you can also have broccoli, spinach, sitaphal, gourd, paneer bhurji made in low oil or egg bhurji for lunch.  Add capsicum, cucumber, cucumber, lettuce, raisins and a little lemon to the salad and eat.

Eat chicken or green vegetables at night

If you are a non-vegetarian then eat chicken or fish at dinner, but consume red meat only one day a week.  On the other hand, if you are a vegetarian, you can include green vegetables and a plate of brown rice with tomato sauce in the diet chart.  You can also adopt vegetarian diet chart.  It contains lycopene which is very beneficial for prostate.  Also you can have wheat bread with carrots, spinach or beans for dinner.

Eat less and less food during dinner

Try to eat at least as much in your dinner diet chart as this will not cause excess body fat, which will reduce the possibility of obesity.  Also, eat a cup of yogurt or fat-free ice cream after the meal.  Apart from this, keep in mind that you should eat food 2-3 hours before bedtime.

10 to 12 cups of water throughout the day

Drink 10 to 12 cups of water per day at certain intervals, as this will keep the body hydrated and the energy will remain.  However, drinking more water will speed up the physical activity of the body.

A bunch of nuts

Drink a handful of nuts in your diet daily.  If you like it, you can eat nuts, almonds, cashews, etc. as per your choice which will keep your body healthy and increase your mind.

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