Top 10 Healthy recipes – at Home Food recipes

10 healthy recipes that can be made easily at home

Top 10 healthy recipes - at home Food recipes
healthy recipes

The caps should only be eaten until they are filled to 80%.  Often we eat to our heart’s content and ignore the signals that our stomach gives.  It is the cause of insomnia, bloating and other digestive problems.  We often enjoy more food rather than our taste which serves our nutritional needs.

 In Japanese culture, to get a good taste in each ingredient and food, they often eat various dishes in small proportions in a full meal.  The meal consists of a small bowl of rice, a little miso, a little fish or meat, and a small bowl of three or three vegetables.

Even if you use traditional Indian Thai preparations, you will realize the importance and focus on a balanced diet.  Thali is usually the right balance of all six flavors – sweet, salty, bitter, sour, smooth and spicy.  Ayurveda also states that sitting on the feet or in sukhasana to digest AIDS helps in flatulence and improves circulation.

However, in our busy lives, we have very little time to fully and accurately practice different cultures regarding food habits.  We need quick repair and survival.  Fortunately, a quick recovery does not always mean home delivery.  Easy-to-cook recipes that provide complete nutrition can help us stay healthy and healthy, even when we have little space to exercise or eat well.  Let’s “walk” ten of these easy, healthy soul recipes.


These small pickles make a delicious breakfast or dinner.  To make it quick and easy, they need this healthy recipe with semolina, yogurt, fruit salt, cooked peas and spices.

To work – Mix 1 cup semolina in half a cup of cheese.  Mix half a teaspoon of Inno.  Add cooked peas.  You can choose to add any (cooked) vegetables.  Typically, inflated spinach and coriander are added to the mixture.  Add spices.

You need an apple cider for this dish.  Place the appa maker on medium heat and lubricate each round cell with a little oil.  Place half a teaspoon of the prepared mixture on each cell.  It will grow when the monkey is covered.

Cook on one side for four minutes.  Cook the other three to five minutes on low heat.

Low in calories, this healthy food option is a complete meal that will last you at least two to three hours.  Good as breakfast during travel.  And very good.

Greek yogurt

You can get Rs.  150 or more can be easily made at home with less than Rs.  10. To get this easy and healthy recipe all of you need homemade thick curd, dry fruits and honey.  Want to add flavor?  You can easily get it online.

Take a colander and pour it into a wide bowl.  Place a bowl full of cheese in the sieve.  Let it rest in the fridge all night.  In the morning the quark was separated and in the sieve it was called ‘honey crust’.

Spoon it completely and mix the dried fruits and honey dung.  Enjoy a healthy, protein-rich sweetness that provides energy and satiety for three hours in the morning.

cheese bread

By the way, pie, and by the way, healthy.  Toast.  Use a crisp pop-up toaster and then spread butter over it.  It is better to grind garlic a little and apply seasoning.

Mash cheese or cottage cheese, you know.  Add chopped coriander and onion.  Add salt, pepper and some chili.  If you want some thermal ingredients for the bowl, use finely chopped green chili instead of hot pepper flakes.  Spread this mixture on toast.

You get around 130 calories for 50 grams of kapo cheese.  A slice of wheat bread has up to 70 calories.  Proteins and carbohydrates are well balanced in this healthy recipe.  It is healthy and tasty.

Spread the cheese mixture on top and then use toast in the frying pan, instead of heating it in the frying pan.

Hummus salad

We all have tried it as a side dish at weddings or big parties.  We all know that it is very healthy and full of nutrients.  However, we choose to ignore the salted chickpeas salad.  Like the breakfast option, this healthy recipe only takes ten minutes, as you can always prepare at night.

Soak Humase for four hours on the first day and cook it for 15 to 20 minutes at night.  See if Humus is cooking more.  You can cut vegetables in the morning, or you can do it the night before.

You just have to mix all the ingredients during breakfast preparation and add some spices of your choice.  Drizzle salt, pepper, olive oil, celery, coriander, hot pepper flakes, parsley – add any ingredients that your ripe chickpeas like.

While monitoring weight, do not eat too much chickpeas.  Half bowl (small chickpeas) cooked chickpeas are what you need.  Fill it with vegetables in 250 calories.  A cup of chickpeas has about 257 calories.  So, it is half a breakfast of 250 calories, which includes your servings.

Minestrone soup

Delicious food is not everything like Bakki or Bakki Daal Makhani.  Soup can be tasty and full.  Especially if minimum!  Soups rich in vegetables, pasta, beans and peas.  This soup is a complete meal.

You will love it with a generous service on a cold and coordinated winter evening.  It is a very comforting meal that does not make you feel empty like other soups.  You can easily replace mashed potatoes as it is full enough but does not have extra calories.

About two cups of this soup will give you 30 grams of carbohydrates and 10 grams of protein.  It is easy to find an online recipe for this healthy food option, as you can find this soup in an Italian restaurant menu.

The basic recipe requirements for making minestrons are vegetables such as carrots, beans, tomatoes, onions, celery, zucchini and spinach.  Press the boiling water for 10 minutes with some water.  At this point, add some vegetable or chicken broth to the cooking vegetables.

Cook this mixture on medium heat and add some boiled beans and 1 teaspoon cooked pasta.  You only need to add half a pinch of wheat flour to thicken the soup.  Add beans (cooked) and a pinch of salt and pepper.  To speed up the cooking process, chop it before hand.  The actual cooking time for two cups of this soup is about 10 to 15 minutes.


This is not a brainstorm and explanation.  And you really don’t need a recipe to seal it.  Just for its nutritional value, we say that you can make a healthy low-calorie omelette using only egg white.

Add spinach, peas and some mushrooms, which are full of energy.  Since you only use egg white, you can use three egg whites instead of two whole eggs.

Rafa Dosa

Semolina is one of the healthiest and most accessible ingredients.  It can be converted into many beautiful dishes – sweet, dosa, vermicelli, vermicelli, grandmother, etc., and for the most part, everything made with it is delicious.

A regular meal of Dosa Rafa gives you 120 calories which contains only 2 grams of protein.  So to increase the amount of protein in a can, add 30 grams of cheese.  Of course, you will prepare Bhurji to include Paneer in Rava Dosa.  If you use 30 grams of cheese, it will not take more than 5 minutes.

Enjoy this meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


You can findHumas noodles at any grocery store, or you can order them online at the food market.  Chopped vegetables can be as acidic as frozen in the grocery store, or you can cut vegetables at home.

You just have to cook vermilion.  And cook the vegetables for ten to fifteen minutes.  A vermicelli vessel requires about three-quarters of a cup of water to boil.  After cooking, mix the vegetables in vermicelli water.  Sprinkle with salt and add a tablespoon of olive oil.  Add coriander, black pepper and spices.  Give it a mixture and enjoy the meal.

 A bowl of this recipe gives around 200 – 220 calories if you do not want to use a bowl of vermicelli.

If you do not see weight, do not worry about calories.  As an adult, you need between 1,300 and 1,500 calories a day to maintain weight, and this recipe fits easily into your diet.  The only thing you need to maintain is if you target fitness, it maintains your food intake, which balances protein, fat, carbohydrates, sodium, potassium and other micronutrients.

Bread Bread

Toast, tomatoes, 30 grams of cottage cheese, a quarter chopped onion and half a teaspoon of sesame can do wonders for you.

Sesame seeds are filled with calcium, so it is an excellent substitute for milk if you are allergic or do not like the taste of milk.  Tomatoes are rich in potassium and are very good for your health and skin.  Cheese contains protein and a lot of fat, and onions are avoided because of its many health benefits.  Eventually bread is made of carbohydrates.  Basically a complete meal in a recipe.

The preparation time is like paneer bread – five minutes.  Taste quotient – 100 percent.


There are many mistakes at the time of cooking, of which a lot of vegetables are sown and some are vegetables.  Or remove the vegetables completely and use only potatoes in the recipe.  Bohi contains many peas, beans, carrots, onions and some potatoes.

Use only half a bowl of cooked pohe to mix in your cooked vegetables.  You must add peanuts to this recipe.  But again, no more than 6 or 7 peanuts in half a bowl of cooked pohe.

As an alternative to breakfast or lunch, Pohe fits perfectly into the exhibition.

It wrapped

The best way to eat and enjoy, as well as get the most health benefits, is by looking at size.  If you know the amount of nutrition your body needs in the shape of a tennis ball, you will not regret the side effects of Aglio Olio.  Getting pizza slices is actually better than eating a whole plate of rice with just a spoonful of vegetables.  On the other hand, if you tear out three pizza chips, you will feel bloated and lethargic.  From your health app, you can get a good idea of ​​how much nutrition you need, what your real income is, how much exercise you need to do and where exactly you are living.

When we eat at home, we try to enjoy various foods from the usual healthy dishes above.  If you want to eat bread three times a day, choose multi-grain flour instead of wheat flour.  Fill the bread with some fiber in vegetables like fenugreek, spinach, carrots or cauliflower.  This will give you more satiety than just a young woman where you usually go two.

Everything from tribal to cabbage to vine, carrots, tomatoes and potatoes are good for health.  If it should be in your kitchen in season.  Good food, healthy food!

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