Best Healthy: Food Diet – Health Foods Diet Plan

Your diet chart should be such to stay fit

Best Healthy: Food Diet - Health Foods Diet Plan

Lack of adequate food and drink during this period leads to anemia and fatigue.  Everyone wants to create a diet plan according to daily rules, but finding the right guide is impossible.  So you are now relieved of this stress, because we tell you that by following this diet plan you can stay fit.

Eat like this in the morning – Avoid early meals in the morning.  But many people eat heavy and fried foods in the morning.  In the morning, after normal work, get a cup of milk, there is no cream.  In addition, 3-4 almonds can be eaten with milk.  In the morning try to eat empty stomach citrus foods.  Otherwise, you may be sad all day long.  So, try drinking two cups of water in an empty stomach.
 (Things women include in their diet)

9.00 – At breakfast, most people start working now.  For breakfast, a dish of cereal or vegetable mixture or mash may break.  Green tea or a cup of water along with it is also beneficial.
 (Eating weight gain)

Lunch – noon 12. This time you can eat.  The dish can consist of two loaves, a bowl of peeled curd, half a cup of rice, a bowl of greens, a bowl of yogurt and a salad dish.  In addition, it has abundant nutrition that protects the health of the body.  You can drink plenty of water for 10-15 minutes after eating.  (How to Eat Your Sweet Girl)

Eat a little between 3 and 4 pm – you should have a light breakfast for three hours after lunch.  Bell dish or two biscuits with tea, ie seasonal fruit (except oranges, raw jam, pomegranate, pear).  In the spring, it is better to have cucumber, cucumber and melon.  These things will keep the body hydrated.  In the summer you can also drink a cup of water.
 (Buttons are food, so keep this special note in mind)

Like dinner you can have dinner.  Do not add more rice to the meal.  A fine, chapati, light rice, a bowl of yogurt and a salad.  Dinner is more helpful three hours before bed.  It improves digestion and does not cause constipation and acid cidity.
(Keep your diet like this, you will soon lose weight)

Immediately after sleep – about half an hour after a meal, eat half a cup of fruit or milk, you can also drink water.
 (Try this juice to keep your heart young)

It has become a matter of dieting, but it is also important to follow it.  Follow your diet schedule regularly.  Drink more water.  Also, don’t forget to walk in the morning and do some exercise.

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