How To Get Rid Of Neck Pain From Sleeping Wrong

How To Get Rid Of Neck Pain From Sleeping Wrong –  What is The Ayurvedic Treatment For Neck Pain?  What To Do and What Not To Have With a Neck Painn?

How To Get Rid Of Neck Pain From Sleeping Wrong -  What is The Ayurvedic Treatment For Neck Pain?  What To Do and What Not To Have With a Neck Painn?


Incorrect posture, long-term bending the neck of the mobile or using thick pillows causes neck pain and stiffness. Apart from this, many such health problems like rheumatoid arthritis (joint pain and swelling), ankylosing spondylitis, slip disc and cervical spondylitis (spinal cord related diseases) can also cause neck pain. Sometimes muscle weakness due to increasing age also causes neck pain.  There are many treatments in Ayurveda to relieve neck pain. Know what is the Ayurvedic treatment of neck pain and how effective is Ayurvedic medicine for neck pain.

What is neck pain in Ayurveda?

Neck pain in Ayurveda is called a valid colic. Many conditions have been described in Ayurveda that can cause neck pain. like –

Cervical spondylitis.

Due to imbalance in vata and kapha dosha, neck muscles become stiff due to which neck pain is felt.


Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are the most common forms of arthritis that can cause pain in the neck joint. The reason for this is the increase of vata dosha.

slip disc.

A slip disc usually causes pain in the lower back that can cause cervical pain and neck pain.

Ankylosing spondylitis.

Pain and swelling in the back and neck are the main symptoms of ankylosing spondylitis. An imbalance in Vata dosha affects bones and bone marrow.

What are the symptoms of neck pain?

Signs and symptoms include:

Muscle stiffness and cramps

Reduced head flexion

Headache etc.


Causes of neck pain include:

muscle strain


Nerve pressure

Some diseases like

What is the Ayurvedic treatment for neck pain?

Ayurvedic treatment of neck pain: therapy


Snehaan Ayurvedic therapy is used to get relief from pain. Ama is taken out of the body by lubrication. This Ayurvedic therapy strengthens the body and reduces pain.  Many types of herb oils are used in this.


Abhyang is called massage of many kinds of herbs. This Ayurvedic therapy relieves neck pain.


Various types of medicinal herbs are applied on the neck part. It provides relief from severe pain in the neck. Also, swelling of the neck is also reduced.

The request.

This Ayurvedic therapy removes stiffness and heaviness in the body. It cures neck pain. The treatment is considered very useful and effective in the treatment of neck pain due to ama freezing. This reduces the stress on the muscles.

Apart from the Ayurvedic therapy mentioned above, many more Ayurvedic therapies like Nasya Karma, Manya Basti are used to relieve neck pain.

Ayurvedic treatment of neck pain: herbs

Cow man.

Gokshura is full of many medicinal benefits. The pain in the body due to Vata dosha is reduced. Gokshura can be used as decoction or powder to treat neuralgia.  The ama present in the body is removed by the use of cow urine.


It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation of the neck.  Ashwagandha is effective in treating Ayurvedic treatment of neck pain due to swelling, muscle damage and weak immunity.


Rasonam is very useful in controlling many types of pain. It can be used as oil, powder, extracts or juice. With its use, toxic substances are released from the body. This reduces neck spasms, pain and swelling.

Ayurvedic treatment of neck pain: medicine

Lakshya Guggul.

Nagabala, Guggul, Arjuna and Ashwagandha are present in this Ayurvedic medicine of neck pain.  It is useful for treating joint pains caused by aging.

Maharasnadi Kashay.

Herbs like Guduchi, Castor, Punarnava, Gokshur, Ashwagandha, Amaltas, Ginger etc. are present. This Ayurvedic medicine of neck pain is useful in Arthritis or sciatica.

Expansive oil.

This oil made from a mixture of several herbs such as Jatamansi, Pippali, Rasna, Sesame oil and Chitrak is a pain reliever.  It is used to treat neck pain due to osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Dashmul Kwath.

This Ayurvedic decoction containing 10 roots like Agnimanth, Kantakari, Shionak, Pashchiparni, Bilva (Bell), Gokshur. This decoction is used in the treatment of Vata disorder. It is effective in Ayurvedic treatment of neck pain caused due to Vata imbalance.

Apart from the medicines mentioned above as Ayurvedic medicine for neck pain, Yograj Gugglu, Triphala Rasayana etc. are also consumed.

How effective is Ayurvedic medicine for neck pain?

A clinical study found that Ayurvedic treatment of neck pain provides pain relief.  Use of some Ayurvedic medicines along with valid Basti Ayurvedic therapy has been found to be effective in neck pain.

Yogasan for neck pain?

Balasana or Bal Mudra

Natrajasana or Tweaking Twist

Marjari Asan or Cat Pose

Viprita Karni posture or foot-up-the-wall pose

Udhita trigonasana or extended triangle pose

Savasana or Corpus pose.

Lifestyle changes during Ayurvedic treatment of neck pain in Ayurveda

What to do?

Include rice, wheat and urad dal in the diet.

Eat grape, mango, pomegranate, plum, phalsa etc. in fruits.

Eat vegetables like parwal, drumstick, brinjal.

Eat garlic, coconut water, ghee, milk in food.

Exercise neck stretching.

Keep the correct posture.

Get enough sunlight.

what not to do?

Do not consume okra, cauliflower, leafy vegetables, bitter gourd etc.

Do not stop passing hunger, thirst, stool and urin.

Do not eat pulses like arhar, peas, gram and moong dal.

What are the home remedies to relieve neck pain?

If you have neck pain or stiffness, then take these easy steps to get relief from it:

Apply ice pack for neck pain or swelling.  If you wish, heating pads are also used.

Exercise to strengthen muscles, relieve neck stiffness and avoid.

Tension can cause neck muscles to stretch. Reducing stress can treat and prevent neck pain and stiffness.

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