Ear Itching From Inside

Why there is frequent itching in the ear, how to treat it?

Ear Itching From Inside

There are many sensitive nerves in the ear, in which itching starts due to the accumulation of dirt. People itch when itching in the ear but it can cause infection. At the same time, some people take medicines to get rid of it, but instead, you can adopt natural prescriptions.

Why does the ear itch?

The destroyed cells of the body and the external dust accumulate in the soiled ear which is called dirt. Itching begins in the ears due to an excessive amount of dirt. Apart from this due to allergies excessive earphones, psoriasis infections watery ears, or food allergies itching is caused by ear itching.

Home Remedies for Itchy Ears

Aloe vera

Adding a few drops of aloe vera juice to the ear reduces itching. It also reduces swelling in the ear tissue, thereby eliminating the problem of


Vinegar removes the problem by cleaning the dirt present in the ear. Mix an equal amount of vinegar and rubbing alcohol and put 2-3 drops in the ear. This will give you comfort.

Lukewarm oil

Heat 2-3 drops of any oil, pour 2-3 drops in the ear, and close the ear with cotton. This will destroy the bacteria and germs present in the ear, which will relieve itching and ear pain.


Sometimes due to worm in the ear, it also causes problems like itching, swelling, and pain. In such a situation put water in your ear and lie down on a site. This will remove the worm from the ear.

Ginger and lemon

Add lemon juice to ginger juice and pour 4-5 drops in the ear. Then after half an hour clean the ear with cotton. This mixture will eliminate the problem of itching by eliminating the diseases present in the ear.

Ear itching

Some remedies can be prevented from ear itching and any kind of discomfort.

Do not put any foreign object in the ear

Repeatedly putting a finger inside the ear, keeping a piece of cotton and cotton bud clean keeps many problems.

Do not use harsh things in the ear

The inner skin of the ear is very soft. In such a situation do not use anything harsh in the ear due to irritation and itching because it can damage the inner skin of the ear.

Reduce the use of earphones

Use earphones sparingly. Also, avoid using earphones or listening to machines immediately after bathing.

Take care while bathing

While using shampoo and soap while bathing, make sure that it does not go inside the ears. If water runs inside the ear, drain it immediately.

Keep your ears dry

Keeping the ear moisture-free reduces the risk of infection significantly. In such a situation, after bathing or swimming, clean the ear water and dry it.

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