Trouble Breathing Healthy Tips

Having trouble breathing? Strengthen lungs with these 3 Yogasanas

Trouble Breathing Healthy Tips

People suffering from lung problems face a lot of difficulty in getting oxygen to the body, so there is a need to keep the lungs healthy.To keep the lungs healthy it is necessary to practice some exercises and yogasan regularly along with catering.

Without lungs, oxygen cannot reach the body. With its help, carbon dioxide does not reach the body. All the cells in our body draw oxygen from the blood and release carbon dioxide. It is clear from this that how important it is for a healthy body to have healthy lungs (Yoga for Lungs in Hindi). People who have lung diseases, such as fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), face a great deal of difficulty in delivering oxygen to the body. Exercise and yoga should be practiced regularly along with catering to keep lungs healthy. Know some such yogasanas by which Yoga for Lungs in Hindi can be strengthened.


Through Dandasana, we can fix the lung problem. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, performing dandasana makes the lungs healthy. Do this Yogasana both in the morning and in the evening.

Keep both feet in front of each other and keep your hands on the ground.

Now bend the toes inward and pressure outward from the soles.

Focus your eyes on the nasal body while keeping the shoulders in a relaxed posture.

Do this for a maximum of one and a half minutes. Then while exhaling, come back looking towards the front.

Do it on an empty stomach. Do not try high blood pressure patients.


By performing Bhujangasana blood circulation occurs smoothly. Along with this lungs are also healthy by doing this yoga routine regularly.

Lie on your stomach. While breathing, lift the upper part of the waist forward.

Let the feet meet together.  Fold the neck backwards and keep it in this state for a few moments.

Allow the breath to rest and stop for a while so that the pressure is on the lower part of the spine.  Exhale slowly and return.

Keep the neck behind and slowly allow the chest and later the head to be attached to the ground.

Performing this asana continuously can relieve back pain.

If you have too much cervical problems, consult a specialist before performing any asana.

Lie flat on the ground. Keep both of your legs straight.

Keep the hands straight near the waist.  Let the palm be upwards.

Take a deep breath.During this, raise your straight leg up towards the wall.

Remember, do not bend the hips and knees. Keep breathing. Now keep the leg straight down.

Repeat this process with your inverted feet. During this process, keep the hands steady. While breathing, raise both your legs upwards.

During this, keep the hips straight. Do not bend your knees. Now raise the head upwards.

Bring the feet down and get into a state of rest. Practice this asana for 2 to 4 minutes.

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