Health Fitness Tips Home Work Ideas

If you want to stay for health then adopt these fund of Health Fitness Tips Home Work Ideas

Health Fitness Tips Home Work Ideas

A healthy mind resides only in a healthy body The saying is old, but is completely true. By the way, if we include some things in our routine and follow some rules, then we can keep ourselves fit more easily.  Know a few important things for this:

In the Amazing Walk of Workout, we usually walk 40-50 steps in 1 minute, about 80 steps in brisk walk and about 160 steps in jogging. Do 30-45 minutes of cardio exercise (brisk walk, aerobics, swimming, cycling, jogging etc.) 5 days a week. Do 5 minutes of warm-up before starting the exercise and 5 minutes of cool down after finishing.

Learn to breathe

Do yoga for half an hour daily.  Include asana, meditation, deep breathing and anulom-antonyms. Taking 10-15 minutes of deep breaths in the morning increases the capacity of the langs by 70%.

Meditate for 10-10 minutes in the morning and evening. This increases the amount of oxygen in the body and also controls BP.

Formula of 80 will keep fit
Keep abdominal width heartbeat, bad cholesterol empty stomach sugar lower BP below 80. Play 80 applause daily and laugh at least 80 times.

Do not drink more than 80 mL soft drinks a day.Also add soda to this 80 mL and dilute it and make 200 ml.

Do not eat more than 80 grams of salt in two weeks. It can increase blood pressure.  BP patients should eat less salt.
Do 80 minutes brisk walk, 80 minutes aerobics and 80 minutes stretching exercises a week.It is better to combine all three.

Surely complete heart condition up to 80 percent in the treadmill. If the heart does not beat loudly in exercise, there is no use for the heart.

 Lose weight, strength in life
Do not aim to lose more than 2 kg of weight throughout the month.If you lose weight very fast, then there is more chance of gaining weight again because more diet reduces metabolism.

Keep a target of consuming 500 calories daily, but do not do so by eating less. For this, subtract 250 calories from the food and reduce it by exercising 250 calories.
Keep a combo of 60% cardio and 40% strengthening exercises while losing weight. Do brisk walk for cardio,aerobics swimming, cycling etc. and do dumbbells pushups sit-ups sun salutations etc. for strengthening.

Keep BP in control
Keep your lower blood pressure below 80 mmHg. If your lower blood pressure is more than 80 mmHg, go to the doctor every year for a checkup.

Healthy food, health treasure
Eat a little 5-6 times a day. To keep the heart and liver fit eat such things which are rich in fiber such as wheat jowar millet, oats etc. Cholesterol is reduced by the fiber of oatmeal, sprouts oats and pulses.

Eat green vegetables, sunflower seeds flax seeds etc.These contain folic acid which helps maintain cholesterol levels.
Flaxseed almonds beans fish and mustard oil contain a lot of omega-three, which is good for the heart
Eat 1-2 walnuts and 8-10 almonds daily.

Flour and sugar are dangerous
Trans-fats are very harmful for health.  Trans fats are produced by heating the oil frequently or heating the oil too fast.  These plants are found more in ghee.

Although there is no direct connection of heart disease with saturated fats (ghee, butter, cheese, red meat etc.), it should be eaten only in the fat limit.

Refined carbohydrates (white sugar, white rice and white flour) are far more harmful than fat.Try to remove them from your food.

Use jaggery instead of sugar brown rice instead of white rice. Even if healthy do not take more than 3-4 teaspoons of fat daily.This includes desi ghee, butter and refined oil.

Ooh ah Ouch
If you are troubled by waist leg or back pain follow the formula of RICE ie rest ice compression elevation.

Rest: Relax. Do not turn around too much, nor stand for long. Ice Place ice in a cloth or bag and apply it for 10-10 minutes 4-5 times a day at the site of pain.

Compession: Apply crepe bandage knee cap or knee brace at the knee or waist.
Elevation: While lying down place a pillow under the leg so that the knee is slightly elevated. During this period stop exercising and yoga and relax. Volini Moves Vovern Gel DFO Gel etc. can be massaged with a painkiller balm or gel one to two minutes with a light hand.

Avoid and save in heart attack like this: Do not take the pain arising in the chest lightly.It can also be associated with heart disease.

Acidity and heart pain are similar.  Nevertheless there can be difference between the two.If there is severe pain in large area in the middle of the chest the pain may feel moving towards the left arm pressure like stone on the chest – Feel much nervousness restlessness sweating, pain increases instead of decreasing, fear of heart attack The pain of acidity is felt as stinging at a particular point.

If there is a possibility of heart attack, immediately give the patient to chew 300mg of Asprin or drink it after dissolving in water. This increases the chances of survival of the patient by 30 percent.
Heart patients can also take sorbitrate instead of aspirin.

Tata to the tension of TB TB virus grows rapidly in low light and dirty places. It is better that the patient stay in a well ventilated and well lit room. Open the windows by running a fan so that bacteria can come out. The patient should avoid using crowded places and public transport.

TB patient should wear a mask. If there is no mask, then every time you cough or sneeze, cover the mouth with a napkin.  Insert this napkin into the covered dustbin.  Instead of spitting here and there the patient should spit in a plastic bag and put phenyl in it and close it well and put it in the dustbin.

 Stay alert in fever
The safest drug in any fever Paracetamol.  It is found in the brand name Crocin, Calpol etc.It is considered safe in any fever. Do not take aspirin at all in dengue.  Taking it in dengue is a risk of bleeding.

It is better to take a rectal temperature to measure fever, especially in children.  If you take the temperature by mouth, add 1 degree centigrade to it and assume the correct temperature. 98.3 d  Till is the normal temperature.  Fever up to 100 degrees usually does not require any medication. If you have fever up to 102 degrees and there are no dangerous symptoms, then you can take care of the patient at home.

Allergy: Rescue Necessary
Prevention is the cure for allergies. Allergy victims should put a napkin on the nose before leaving the house. The sheets, pillow covers and curtains should also be changed from time to time.  Do not use carpet or keep it dry for at least 6 months.

Do not keep pets at home. Do not keep flowering plants indoors during the rainy season. If possible get air purifiers installed at home. By the way, to strengthen the childrens immune system, let them play in dust mud sun and rain.  They help children fight diseases.

Keep in mind if you are in a desk job
Desk job workers should be sitting in the office doing exercises and stretching of neck and knees. Keep your knees running continuously. In 15-20 minutes of sitting, keep moving the legs round and round straight. Similarly, continue to do neck exercises.

Exercise the eyes every 30 minutes.  Remove the eyes from the screen and stay away. Then look closer.Cover the eyes well with the palms and open after 30 seconds.

Working at the computer sitting in such a way that the waist is straight. Hands get support of chair handles.The greater part of Thai should be on the seat of the chair but the knees should not be adjacent to its edge. 

For this you will have to sit behind your waist. Knees are lightly raised.The upper part of the computer screen on the desk should be at eye level.Neck pain may be caused by being up or down.

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