Covid 19 Test: Whether you have corona or not, this test kit will report in just 10 minutes

Covid 19 Test: Whether you have corona or not, this test kit will report in just 10 minutes

Covid 19 Test: Whether you have corona or not, this test kit will report in just 10 minutes

After four phases of lockdown in the country, now the first phase of unlock has started. But cases of corona infection are also increasing every day. Efforts are on to prepare a vaccine for medicine and remedy for its treatment.The first challenge in this battle against the corona infection is its investigation.Till now, the methods which are being adopted for investigation, have to wait a few days for the report. By the time the report comes, the infection has spread from the suspect to others. In this case, early identification of corona infected person is necessary.  After a recent research, such a test kit has been prepared, which will tell the report in just 10 minutes.

Experimental kits prepared by scientists to identify Kovid-19 are being claimed that it will detect corona infection in 10 minutes.  Researchers claim the corona probe is expected to be accelerated with the help of this test kit.

Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) have designed this kit. The report of this research has been published in a journal called ACS Nano. In this experimental test, RNA is obtained by taking samples of the patient’s nose and saliva in a 10-minute procedure. According to research, this test kit contains nano particles of ordinary gold, which change color in the presence of virus.  This shows whether the person is corona positive or not.

Researchers said that to analyze a virus, its genetics usually need to be replicated, but this investigation does not require any advanced laboratory technology.  According to leading researcher Dipanjan Pan, he is confident of the investigation that will help detect the RNA elements of the virus from the very first day of infection.

However, Pan also said that more research is still needed to test the credibility of this investigation. The researchers said that during the investigation, special particles are used to detect proteins present in order of genetics of the corona virus.  The gold nanoparticles react when the biosensors bind to the genetic sequence and the fluids change from violet to blue.

According to PAN, RNA-based probes are very authentic in detecting infections with viruses. They claim that it will be less expensive than the Kovid-19 standard test to be done in the laboratory. Pan said the accuracy of any Kovid-19 probe is based on reliable detection of the virus. This means do not give false information when the virus is present.

Laboratory equipment and trained individuals are not required in this investigation. Scientists said that this test can be used in nursing homes, hospital premises and other workplaces.  According to the situation of infection, this test kit may prove to be a better use.

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