The Healthy Foods Tips

Expert advice: such food will not deteriorate health

The Healthy Foods Tips

Nutritious food is very important for our body.Today’s runaway life and irregular routines are enough to invite diseases. In such a situation, it is important that you take the right and nutritious diet regularly.  NBT discussed with nutritionist Dr. Nupur Krishnan about the food required for a healthy body. Here is the key part of the conversation

Don’t skip breakfast: Breakfast is necessary at the beginning of the day, but many people leave the house in a hurry without having breakfast. It is good to have light things like breakfast, poha, oatmeal, idli. It is light in digestion and is rich in many nutrients.This gives your body energy, as well as makes muscles and bones strong. It also happens that people eat anything in the name of breakfast. Keep in mind that by doing this you do not get a balanced shape, which causes problems like obesity, weakness etc.

Nutrition alone is not enough: Eating nutrition is very important for the body, but it does not mean that only by eating it can you be healthy. Lifestyle changes along with nutritious diet are very important for a healthy life. For a healthy life, 30 percent exercise, 30 percent lifestyle and 40 percent healthy eating. Without one, the other is affected, so keep in mind that apart from nutrition, other things are also necessary for the body.

Chewing food is important: Our eating habits are largely responsible for many problems like flatulence, indigestion, acidity. Chewing food is very important.  By doing this, a type of enzyme is released from our salivary glands while eating, which helps in digesting food. So do not be in a hurry while eating and chew and eat.

If there is less water then there will be problem every time: It is common to reduce the amount of water in the body in summer. Humidity and heat cause a lot of potassium to come out of our body in the form of sweat. Due to the low amount of potassium in the body, there is a problem of cramping in the legs. Water should be taken regularly to avoid the problem. Drink 3-4 liters of water daily, use fruits that have more water, such as fruits like melon, watermelon, orange. To avoid lack of water, carry a bottle of water in the bag, in which lemon can also be used.  If you get cucumber, keep eating from time to time.

Budgeted ‘Dryfruits’: Dryfruits are very good for the body, although sometimes people are unable to eat them due to being out of the budget. In this case, roasted gram, groundnut, etc. can be used as their substitute.

Note on cholesterol: People start avoiding oil first when it comes to cholesterol. Like everything else, oil is also very important for the body.In such a situation, if you have cholesterol problem, do not stop the oil immediately, yes control its use.

Citrus fruits give good ‘fruits’: Consumption of vitamin C fruits is very good for the body. Besides being effective in skin diseases, it also strengthens the body’s immunity. It is right to eat fruits like orange, grapes, guava and mango, keep in mind that seasonal fruits should be eaten more. Sprouted gram, moong is also good to eat. Raw mango is also beneficial for the body.

If you are a patient of blood pressure
Eat less salt in food, stay away from oily food, canned food (avoid cold drinks, catchups etc.)

If you are a patient of blood pressure
Eat less salt in food, stay away from oily food, canned food (avoid cold drinks, catchups etc.)

For young children
Idlis, parathas, peanuts, unripe fruits can be given in tiffin. Increase use of Amba turmeric in food to increase immunity.

for the elderly
Lentils for protein. One can eat olives, amba turmeric, seasonal fruits. Take yogurt, cheese also.
Take boiled tomato salad.

If you are a diabetic patient
Mixed cereal flour, unpolished rice (boiled), protein (lentils, milk, curd, ghee)
Can take seasonal fruits with the advice of a doctor

For pregnant women
Eat iron items such as roasted gram, kurmura, dates.Together, take Peru, orange for vitamin-C.

If you are a fitness lover
drink more water. Take coconut water, lemonade etc.Take milk, potatoes, cookies, corn etc. Eat protein rich foods (lentils, milk etc.)

Note: If diabetes, blood pressure or any other problem is in a more serious condition, then take this diet only on the advice of a doctor.
You can follow this diet plan

Question: What type of diet should be used to avoid the problem of gas?
Answer: If you eat food or breakfast in a hurry, then change it, chew it and eat it.  Instead of tea in the morning, you should take melon juice.  See a doctor if you are having more problems. Kokum Sarbat will be very good for you at home.

Question: What should be the diet of a pregnant woman?
Answer: During pregnancy, the body’s hemoglobin level is unbalanced, it is necessary to use foods rich in iron. Apart from this, protein should also be taken in good quantity.

Question: I am troubled by the problem of BP, what things should I take care of in food?
Answer: Control the amount of salt, as well as pay attention to your electrode diet.If you feel like eating sour then use Amba Turmeric Pickle. In this, keep the quantity of lemon and salt low.

All things needed
Our body needs all things. Even if it is in small quantities. Protein, carbohydrates and fat are essential for all three bodies.  Seek medical advice before discontinuing any component even if there is any disease. What and how much you are eating is more important than the quality of your food, which matters the most.

Effective in summer
Kokum sherbet, lemonade, coconut water etc. will prove to be very helpful in summer.
Do Vajrasana for digestion. 

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