duplicate : Milk Test in English How To Fake milk taste

duplicate : Milk Test in English  How To  Fake milk taste
The milk you are drinking, is it not adulterated?  These 8 tips will help you identify

Is milk mixed in your house somewhere adulterated…?  Are you drinking adulterated milk somewhere?  If you do not know about this, then be careful … because your health is hovering, the risk of adulterated milk …

By now, you must have heard only about the adulteration of water in milk.  But let us tell you that to make milk white and thick, nowadays soaps, detergents and very harmful chemicals are being used indiscriminately.  The biggest thing is that it is very difficult for you to distinguish between this adulterated milk and real milk, and fake milk made in this way can affect your health very badly.  To avoid this, it is very important to recognize fake milk.

Now the biggest question is, how to identify this adulterated milk…?  The answer to your question is hidden in the tips mentioned below, which will help you to identify adulterated milk.

1 First, pour one or two drops of milk on a wood or stone to test the adulteration of water in the milk.  If the milk flows down and falls on the white mark, then the milk is completely pure.

2 To identify adulteration of detergent in milk, shake some quantity of milk vigorously in a glass vial.  If milk starts to form foam then detergent is added to this milk.  If this foam remains for a long time, then there is no doubt in the fake milk.

3 Smell the milk.  If the milk is fake, it will smell like soap, and if the milk is real, it will not smell like it.

4 Try rubbing milk with both hands.  If the milk is real, there will be no general feeling of greasiness.  But if the milk is fake, then rubbing it will feel exactly the same as lubricating the detergent.

5 When the milk is kept for a long time, the real milk does not change its color.  While milk is fake, it will turn yellow after some time.

6 The boiling of real milk will not change its color at all, but the color of fake milk will become yellow on boiling.

7 If urea is mixed in synthetic milk, it becomes thick yellow in color.

8 In terms of taste, real milk has a slightly sweet taste, while fake milk tastes bitter because of the addition of detergent and soda.

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