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Men’s hairstyles trendBest haircuts for men in 2020

Are you looking for a new fashionable hairstyle for men or a great haircut for men to refresh your look?  Then you are in the right place!

mens haircuts 2020
mens haircuts 2020

In this guide we will help you find a new hairstyle.  These are the best haircuts and haircuts for men.

Check out the latest trends in lace haircuts, modern haircuts, pompadours of various lengths and styles, classic haircuts for men, haircuts in the most popular trends in quiff haircuts and crops.

In detail, we discuss haircuts, products to wear and style.

The most obvious trend today is chaos, long hair in texture, best hairstyles and hairstyles.  However, there are more options for people than ever before.  Be cool, be cool.  Mix features, hair length, fragment versus fragment, or fade off against a pointed haircut.

Now we are looking at men’s haircuts that show long hairstyle with movement and flow.

Trends are the most natural looking hairstyles with light handles and a matte grease.  You can use a hair dryer to get an exaggerated flow and extra volume in your hairstyle.

While this trend is tilted towards long hair and mid-length men’s hairstyles, we’ve included some of our best options for those who want short hairstyles.  Short haircuts for men are always popular because they are easy to manage and look clean.

bob haircut 2020
bob haircut 2020

Some of these shapes are dull hairstyles.  Others are completely cut with scissors, including sides and back.

You’ll also find the best options for haircuts, wavy hair and thick hair.

Best haircut guide for men 2020

Well, let’s focus on the best haircuts for men this year.  Somewhere on this list, you can try a new blend of men’s hairstyle and hairstyle.

1. Cool high-intensity haircuts for men

Tom Baxter Hair

Quiff haircuts have been a very popular men’s haircut option over the years.  Cutting with high vanishing emphasizes messy fabric and flows on top.

2. Hairstyle a messy mask for men

The heron of the male world

This haircut has messy textured hair on top with short throat sides.  Take a modern cut.  This chaotic and messy haircut works great for thick hair.

3. Modern straight shave for men

trendy haircut 2020
trendy haircut 2020

Robin Gerlov

A great example of a classic back look.  But here the hair on top is allowed to look a little more natural.  This is not the traditional method of style with glossy grease.  Instead, the hair is combed back and dried with a hair dryer to give this natural flow and enhance it.  Use a matte ointment.

4. Men’s side hairstyle

Urine pressure

A large portion of men’s hairstyle.  To get this look, you’ll need to use a product with some shine.  Apply a small amount of shiny hair to wet hair.  Mix in place.  Use a hair dryer to get a little extra body.

5. Long natural smooth hairstyle +  short sides


It is one of the most famous hairstyles for men for many years.  Shave long hair at the top.  To get the long hair factor on top, you need to use a hair dryer.  Great looking for any type, but it works best for thicker hair types.

mens haircuts 2020
mens haircuts 2020

. Long hairstyle + beard for men.

Agus child artist Assisi

As we said, long hair appears.  More and more people are growing their hair.  This is a beautiful scissors haircut for men with curly hair.  Large flow and movement.  He has a broken beard.

7. Low feed height + surgical line + long margin

Robert Brad

This is a good haircut to attract people.  It is characterized by hairless fading, side part, surgical line, long bangs (eruptions), long hair, messy.

8. Long hairstyle for men

Antonio Matteo

Another great example of short (high dull) sides and long hair on top.

9. Hair cut + messy on top + long fringe

stylish hair cut man
stylish hair cut man


One of the best ways we’ve seen.  This can be a good option if your hair is thick.  Hair flow is allowed on top.  Undercarriages are one of men’s hairstyles that continues to evolve into cooler new styles.

10. Long margin + cutouts

Fraser Milligan

A good copy of default.  Here we have an asymmetric shape with long edges on the front.  Men’s haircuts with long hair are fashionable and very good.  They are like the modern version of the classic “razor slider”.

11. Hairstyle for thick hair

Shop the hair

Wonderfully thin haircut.  Great looking haircut.  Many shears don’t work, mainly cut shears.

12. Cool long hairstyle for men

Morris Motel

Another great haircut that never fades.  Instead, the hair on the sides is carefully trimmed with scissors.  The margin is very long in the front.

13. Decorated razor

An alternative hairdressing company

Super short haircut with less fading and great flow.  The men’s decorative haircuts are awesome because they give you more styling options.  If you comb with a less sophisticated comb or a messy hairstyle, it can be used clean and hygienic.

14. Decorated short haircuts + long fringes

Cut Rafa’s hair under the ground

What a wonderful hair.  The messy medium texture at the top gives it a tapered look.  The explosions remained for a long time.  Another cut with a very fashionable twist.

15. Tapered hair cutting

stylish haircuts for boys
stylish haircuts for boys

Cut hair with Tom Baxter’s hair

Another great example of a Cliff haircut.  One of the most popular male haircuts we’ve promoted over the years with characters like David Beckham.  It is on the small side.  Textures give a pointed look to the top.  Use medium to heavy pancakes to enhance your hair cut style instead.

16. Medium length hair + tapered fade

Agus de Assis Barber Shop

This is a great & high haircut with medium length flow on top.  To achieve this flow and speed, a hair dryer should be used.

17. Medium shave

Hair clipper with ferro hairdresser.

This men’s haircut has a very clean average look on both sides and back.  Fully mixed with medium length hair on top.  A great cleaning look for those of you who have thick, wavy or curly hair.

18. Cut curly hair

Cut the hair of Nathan Emery

Curved hair is fully curved on top and sides low with medium fade.

19. Hair cutting medium length + medium fading

trendy haircut 2020
trendy haircut 2020

Haircut by jv barber

A wonderful streak to the front.  In order for the hair to look on top, you need to use a hair dryer and a brush.  You can dry wet hair with or without mild to medium ointment.

20. Cool hair styling + falling hair for frizzy hair

Haircut your hairdresser

Fading baldness / drop keeps things cool on the back and sides.  Curly hair on top is wild.  Long margin in front.  If you have thick curly hair this is a great look.  Easy to style and maintain.  Simply dry towel and you’re done.

21. Low-density haircuts + side part

Talita Tiles Madison haircut

Nice classic haircut for men with a modern twist.  A blend of side part and pompadour hairstyle.

22. Classic modern classic haircuts for men

Cut hair with Tom Baxter’s hair

Classic men with fine hair and great look.  Short at the edges.  Long hair on top.

23. Fade Height + Medium Hair


This is one of the best haircuts for men.  Super versatile, easy to style.  It is very dull with medium length hair on top which can be styled in many ways.  Style it with pomp, remove it, brush the side of the hair or just use it naturally dry.  Lots of options use a mild to medium ointment to achieve this look.  When it dries, do a little work on your hair.  Or work on wet hair and use a hair dryer and brush for this movement and wavy look.

hair trends 2020
hair trends 2020

24. Cut short cold curly hair + vid drop


This is a great summer haircut for men.  It works with any hair type.  Hair is clipped in the beak.  There is a dull and cold beard on the skin.

25. Bomb + drop fake shave

Swiss hair from Zenal

This is a haircut half pompadour half cut less.  The color fades on the skin.  To get this look, you need a hair dryer.  This is what will give the body hair, flow and movement.  Brush and dry on one side.  Brush and pat dry.  It’s amazing what brushes and dryers can do to give your hair a great flow.  You do not need to use a product, however, light to medium ointments will help maintain hair erection for longer hours of the day.

26. Messy hairstyle for men with thick hair

Cut the hair

Another great example of modern cutting.  Dirty hair on the top gives a modern feel.

27. Pale short haircut + wavy hair

Connor Tuff

However, you want to flow back with a low fade on the sides and medium hair on top.

28. Long curls + hair design

haircut cutting,
haircut cutting,

Barbers of breed

The hard part of the cold side pronounces this high vanishing.  Perfectly mixed with long natural hair on top.

29. Short fading + long dirty hair on top

The heron of the male world

Long messy haircut with texture on top.  Super clean less fade.

30. Men’s curly haircuts


Bald and dull haircut with long wavy hair on top.  The opposite happens a lot.  If you have curly or wavy hair, you can get one of the best haircuts for men.

31. Cold shave for thick hair


Silent, low fade, side part (Shaved solid part).  Cliff hairstyle is great looking.

32. Natural curl + texture

Julius saffron

Clean medium vanishing with natural curls on top.  The hard part separates the sides of the hair at the top and vice versa.

33. Wonderful curly hair styles for friends

Whitney Models And Throwing And Igniting

A great haircut for those with curly hair.  The extremely clean short cut blends with thick curly hair and a long fringe.

34. Long and beautiful curls

Whitney Vermeer

Another masterpiece of curly hair.  Trimmed well looking for new sides.  The hair on top allows to do it by itself.

haircut style for men
haircut style for men

35. Cold short haircuts for curly hair

 Pat Reagan

Gorgeous and simple neck design carved in this gorgeous cone.  Well blended with short haircuts for classic men.  Dry a small amount of ointment or just a towel and use a brush.  Very easy styling.

36. Embellished haircut + curly hair

Tom Chapman

Cool haircut with rough texture for men with curly hair.

37. Cool shave for men

Juan Morales

The balls have become indoors and will increase in popularity as we move to 2020. This is a very cool shortening that fits the pompadour.

38. Medium texture + short sides

Morris Motel

If your hair is thick, there is a great haircut to try.  Less paper on both sides.  Long hair dipped on top.  You can comb it on a side part or move it back.

39. Cut hair styles and modern cuts

Josh Connolly

I really like this haircutShortcuts are not removed as you normally see them.  Hair slides on top.  You can clean it and dry it again.  Or, you can have a more elegant look with glossy grease, apply it to damp hair, and simply brush or style your hair.

40. Scissor shave

Varia underground

Another great example is where things are.  More flow, movement and long hair.  A great haircut for men.  Short on both sides but without skin.  The natural pattern in a side part.

41. Mohawk bald haircuts

the level

Mohawk became increasingly popular in 2020.

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