4 Health Tips – Quick Healthy Life Tips

There are various ways to live in culture, which we have been following for several generations, such as fasting, waking up, sitting and using copper tools for water …

4 Health Tips - Quick healthy Tips
Healthy Life Tips

Have some simple treatments that are good for health and wellness.  For example, the method of fasting, the method of getting up and sitting, and using copper tools to fill water … Read about the science behind some of these methods in this blog.

Health Tip 1. Drink water copper pot

Medical science is very concerned with the destructive properties of bacteria in copper.  Numerous experiments have been conducted over the years, and scientists have found that water has its own memory: it remembers everything it touches.  Given our water memory, we think about how to put it in the container.

Get used to eating the right foods first, then consider fasting.  If you try to dampen your desire to eat, it will harm your body.

If you hold a container of copper overnight or for at least four hours, it has some properties of copper.

Drink water from a copper bowl.  This water is good for the liver, health and strength in general.  If the water is pumped very quickly after the endless use of the bike and arrives at your home with the help of iron or plastic pipes, you will not be very successful by going through all of these components.  But water also has the ability to restore the original shape with memory.  If you keep this tap water for an hour, the stain will disappear automatically.

Health Tip 2. Relax the body, not sleep

Sleep time depends on your lifestyle, but the important thing is how many hours of sleep you need.  It is said that a person should sleep eight hours a day.  What our body needs is not sleep, but rest.  If you relax your body during the day, if this is your work, then exercise for you, your sleep hours will decrease automatically.  People want to do everything under pressure.  I noticed that people were afraid even while walking in the park.  Now, this type of practice will harm you rather than win, because you take all forms of warfare.  Why we are not going so easy?  Whether you are walking or walking, why not do it with pleasure and ease?

So the question is, how much sleep does my body need?  It depends on the type of manual work you do.  You do not need to limit the amount of food or hours of sleep.  I have to take a lot of calories, I have to sleep for many hours, it is stupid to live my life.  The level of physical work we do today is low, so we eat less.  If you want to do more work tomorrow, you’ll eat more.  Like sleeping.  Until your body is completely calm, you will wake up at three or eight in the morning.  Your body should not wake up when the alarm sounds.  Once the body is relaxed, it must wake up.

Health advice for fasting should take place every two weeks

She has something called “mandala” that is linked to the body’s natural cycle.  A circle means that the body goes through a canned cycle every 40 to 48 days.

When the whole body does not need food, each cycle has three days.  If you know your body, you will also know that the body does not need food these days.  On any given day, you can live comfortably without food.

11 to 14 days is a day when you don’t feel like eating anything.  You will not eat that day.  You will be surprised to know that cats and dogs have great awareness.  Look closely, do not eat anything on a particular day.  In fact, they are fully familiar with your system.  The day the law stipulates that they should not eat today, it becomes a day for their bodies to be cleaned and they will not eat anything on that day.  Now we do not have much awareness that we know these special days.  So what do you do!  A day is arranged here to solve this problem.  According to Indian months, the Iveda rate is once every 14 days.  This means that every 14 days you can get one day without eating.  If you cannot live without food or work because you do not have to starve and not go on a hunger strike, you can eat fruits.  In general, the main thing is to become familiar with your system.

Another thing, if you have the habit of drinking tea and coffee again and again, keep trying, you will face many problems.  There is only one solution to this problem.  If you want to continue, first adjust your eating habits.  Get used to eating the right foods first, then consider fasting.  If you try to dampen your desire to eat, it will harm your body.  Another important point here is that there is no convincing situation.

Health Tips 3. Keep your back straight

Relaxation has a special meaning in the internal organs of the body.  It has many aspects.  We are currently studying only one aspect.  The most important internal organs are the chest and abdomen.  All of these parts are not rigid, hard, or not fixed in one place using nuts or bolts.  All of these edges are loose and located within a mesh.  These members can relax completely when they are usually upright.

Keep your back straight

According to modern ideas, relaxation means sitting or going down.  But such seats do not depend on body parts.

I have to take a lot of calories, I have to sleep for many hours, it is stupid to live my life.  The level of physical work we do today is low, so we eat less.  Eat more if you want to work more tomorrow

In this case, the body parts should not function as they should, especially after sitting in a chair after eating a lot of food.  Today, many trips are made to a comfortable chair.  If you travel a thousand kilometers while sitting in a comfortable car seat, you lose at least three to five months of your life.  Because of this condition our members are so badly affected that our workforce is reduced or weakened.

Standing up straight does not mean you do not want to relax, but the simple reason is that you feel completely isolated and feel comfortable.  You can usually relax the muscles by keeping the spine straight.  On the contrary, when your muscles are flexible, you cannot relax your limbs.  There is no other way to relax.  Therefore, it is important to keep your spine straight in preparing your body in a way that relaxes the body and nervous system.

Health Tips 4. Live the five elements together

We used to tell some people the existence of a yogi hospital in our yoga center, so some doctors in America wanted to see him and they came here.  He was here for a week, and the next week, he was mad at me.  I said, “What did you do? It was the same everywhere.” There is no point!  Sadguru Yoga Hospital!  Where is Yogic Hospital?  We don’t see any family, we don’t see anything.  Then I realized what their problem was, then I called them and said, “What’s wrong?  “One of these women, who had tears in her eyes, said that I came here with great confidence and were deceived here, and there is no hospital, and there is nothing here and says that there is one here the hospital is, I told you about this: the idea is that there should be a lot  From beds for patients to sleep and give them medications, this is not the hospital, as the patient has a garden, kitchen, work and luxury. Do: Adana has two.

So the most important thing is that if someone is sick, then we work in that garden.  Stay in touch with the area with empty hands for at least half to 45 minutes.  When doing this, they stay healthy.  Because what you call the body is just a piece of land, isn’t it?  Yes or no Where did all these innumerable people go?  They are all on the surface of the earth, right?  This body will work on the surface of the earth, lest your friends not wake up again so as not to get bored.  Therefore, it is just a land.  Therefore, it is better to maintain little contact with the area.  Every time you wear a suit and shoes on the fifth floor, you will never be on the floor.  In such cases, it is normal for you to have a physical and mental illness.  Then I offered them, “See, this person has heart disease, this person has this disease.”  I gave it to all the patients and then the patients started talking about themselves: “We were like this three weeks ago, and now we feel better, we have forgotten our disease.”  Now all medical standards say this is good.  We had to work hard to make sure these people were really sick.  We rented it well.

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