Not solely our elders have been saying this factor, however now it has additionally been totally proved that Breakfast is a very powerful mile of our day and in no case, Breakfast shouldn’t be skipped. Not solely this, it is vitally vital to concentrate to what you eat at breakfast. After we fall asleep after dinner, there are a minimum of 8-9 hours of fasting, and this morning, the physique wants breakfast to get vitality once more. Due to this fact, nutrient-rich issues needs to be included within the breakfast. 

However one query that usually involves the thoughts of the folks is- ought to we drink milk or juice throughout breakfast? Many individuals wish to drink 1 glass of milk wealthy in calcium at breakfast, whereas some folks wish to drink 1 glass of orange juice wealthy in vitamin C together with bread-toast or omelet within the morning. However what is healthier by way of milk or juice for the primary drink of the morning, know right here each the benefits and downsides. 


Milk is the very best supply of calcium, in addition to protein in milk, vitamin B12, wholesome fat, and many others. are additionally plentiful. For hundreds of years, milk has been seen as a whole meal. Because of all the advantages of milk, numerous folks eat milk to maintain the physique wholesome and lively. On this case, consuming milk at breakfast will be useful. 


Milk accommodates saturated fats which may result in weight problems and heart-related illnesses. Additionally, nowadays milk injecting animals are additionally injected in order that they can provide extra milk and this injection may also have a foul impact on our well being. On this case, except you might be utterly assured in regards to the high quality of milk, keep away from consuming milk within the morning. Lactose intolerance can also be an issue in many individuals and such folks must also keep away from milk. Generally consuming an excessive amount of milk additionally causes issues associated to digestion. Nonetheless, if you’d like, you possibly can eat soy milk as an alternative of dairy milk. 
Wealthy in vitamin C and antioxidants, orange juice enhances our physique immunity and helps us steer clear of illnesses, keep match and wholesome. Vitamin C additionally protects the physique from environmental issues comparable to air pollution, dangerous UV rays of the solar, and many others. For those who drink 1 glass of orange juice at breakfast, then your day’s vitamin C wants are fulfilled.

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