Treatment of a Heart attack

Treatment of a Heart attack – Heart attack: symptoms, causes, Treatment etc.

Treatment of a Heart attack - Heart attack: symptoms, causes, Treatment etc.

heart attack

Heart attack can happen to any person and if they do not get the right treatment, it can also cause their death. It is one of the major diseases of the heart, which is spreading very fast worldwide.

According to the report published in a newspaper called ‘The Hindu’, about 28 percent of the people in India die of heartburn. These figures are enough to describe the dreaded condition of the heart, but it is unfortunate that the number of its patients is increasing rapidly.  But, have you ever wondered why this happens, in fact it is a lack of information about this disease in people and that is why when a person has a heart attack, people around him do not know it  , How they should handle this situation.

If you are also unaware of the complete information of heart attack, then you must read this article because in this we have tried to give the necessary information about this disease.

What is heart attack

A heart attack can occur when a person has blockage in the blood flow to the heart. This blockage occurs due to the formation of fat, cholesterol and other elements, becomes a solid substance in the arteries, due to which the heart is pressurized.

Typically, solids break down and take the form of a clot. This obstructed blood flow can destroy or impair the heart muscle.  This condition results in a heart attack or heart attack.

what are the symptoms of heart attack?

Before the heart attack, the human body gives some symptoms, which indicate its occurrence.

Therefore, if a person considers these 5 symptoms, then he can prevent heart attack-

Severe chest pain- This is a major symptom of a heart attack in which a person has severe chest pain. Some people may consider it to be common pain and take painkillers for it, but, doing so can prove to be harmful for anyone.

Vomiting – Some people also have vomiting after a heart attack. Therefore, if a person has this problem, he should immediately contact the doctor.

Difficulty in breathing- If a person suddenly feels difficulty in breathing or if his breath starts to swell immediately, then he should not ignore it as it can be a symptom of heart attack.

Loss of appetite- Often, the other symptom of heart attack is loss of appetite. However, some people do not have faith in this because the feeling of hunger is not taken so seriously. However, sometimes loss of appetite can also be a sign of many serious diseases like heart attack, prostate etc.

Sweating- Some people also sweat a lot due to heart attack and in addition they feel nervous.

Why does a heart attack occur?

Any person can have a heart attack due to many reasons, so we all need to be aware of these reasons so that we can be aware of them and we can reduce the possibility of heart attack.

Heart attack can be mainly due to the following reasons-

Plaque in the artery – As explained above, heart attack is also caused by plaque in the artery.  However, it can also be treated by a surgery called coronary angioplasty.

Smoking- A person is more likely to suffer a heart attack, who smokes in large amounts. For this reason, such people should stop smoking in time so that they do not have a heart attack.

Excess of cholesterol – Sometimes, a heart attack can occur even if the cholesterol is high.  Therefore, a person suffering from this should take special care of his health and should report it to the doctor in case of any problem.

High blood pressure- Heart attack can also be the result of high blood pressure.  For this reason, a person suffering from BP should treat high blood pressure properly, so that he does not have any serious illness.

Taking stress- It is believed that taking more stress can prove to be harmful for any person because it can cause many serious diseases.

How can heart attack be treated?

Generally, it is believed that if a person has a heart attack, it is difficult to recover.  Apart from this, it is also believed that if a person has a heart attack for the second time, then his refrain is inaccessible, but this is not completely true as treatment of heart attack is possible like any other disease.

Heart attack can be treated in many ways, some of which are as follows-

Getting ECG- Heart attack can be cured through ECG. Through this test, the condition of the heart beats is detected and if there is any problem in it, then an attempt is made to correct it.

Taking medicines- Often, heart attacks can also be treated with medicines. For this, the doctor gives blood pressure pill, diabetes pill etc. to the person. These medicines are helpful in reducing the chances of heart attack.

Taking painkillers- Since a person suffers from a lot of pain due to a heart attack, analgesics are also given to reduce it.

Use of pacemaker- Many times, heart attack is also treated by pacemaker. The pacemaker proves helpful in regulating the heartbeat.

Undergoing bypass surgery- Heart attack can also be treated by bypass surgery.  This surgery corrects the blood flow to the heart, so that the blockages present there can be corrected.

Undergoing heart transplant surgery- When the heart attack is not treated in any way, then in that case the doctors perform heart transplant surgery. This surgery is the best way to cure this problem, giving new life to the person.

How much does heart transplant surgery cost?

Heart transplant surgery is the best way to treat heart attack as explained above.  In such a situation, when a doctor advises a person to do this surgery, the first question that comes to his mind is how much is the cost of heart transplant surgery. It is very important for him to know the answer because it is related to his economic stability.

Some people may consider heart transplant surgery to be an expensive procedure and that is why they hesitate to do it but if they know that it is an economical procedure, which they can do at a cost of only 7 to 50 lakhs, then maybe  They get better life.

How dangerous can a heart attack be?

It is believed that any problem should not be overlooked as it can take serious form after some time. This also applies to heart attacks.

Therefore, all people should take special care of their health so that they can face these 5 problems-

Chest pain- If the heart attack is not treated at the right time, then after some time, the person starts having a lot of trouble and due to this, chest pain also occurs.

Headache- Often, it has also been seen that it spreads on other parts of the body when the heart attack is incurable for a long time. Due to this, some people also complain of headache.

Feeling weakness- This disease also affects physical ability. This is the reason why the person feels very weak and is unable to do any work properly.

The heart beats move at an irregular pace – Heart failure affects untreated heart attacks. Because of this, the heartbeat starts moving at an irregular pace, for which the only option left is to have a pacemaker.

Heart failure – If this problem is not addressed in time and it is not resolved, it can result in heart failure.

How to prevent heart attack?

However, the heart attack is spreading very fast, due to which many people have to lose their lives. But despite this, it is a matter of relief that like any other disease, heart attack is also possible to avoid.

If a person adopts the following methods, he can prevent heart attack and reduce the chance of heart attack with it-

Non-Smoking- As explained above, heart attack also occurs by smoking.  Therefore, avoidance of heart attack can be done by keeping distance from smoking.

Eating nutritious food – It is believed that our food has a direct effect on our health.  This also applies to heart attack because the chances of getting this problem are more in those people who are not eating properly. That is why all people should pay special attention to their food and should eat only nutritious food.

Getting treatment for diabetes- Heart attack can also happen to people who suffer from diabetes. Therefore, people suffering from this disease should try to get complete treatment and do not take any kind of negligence.

Keeping the weight under control – You must have heard that being overweight can cause many diseases. This seems true in a heart attack because obesity is also a reason for its occurrence.  Therefore, all people should try to control their weight so that they do not have any serious disease.

Regular health check-up is the most important thing that all people should keep in mind. They should have their health checked regularly to ascertain the possibility of some kind of disease and possible attempts to prevent it.

The extent to which the heart attack has increased, it can be judged from this that every year, 29 September is celebrated as World Heart Day.

This is mainly to inform people about heart related diseases, but despite this it is unfortunate that the number of heart patients is increasing very fast and most of them have to live their lives on this basis.

If he had full knowledge of a heart attack, then probably a lot of life would have survived. Thus, we hope that reading this article will be helpful for you as we have tried to give the necessary information related to heart attack in it.

Most asked questions

Q1.  What are the 4 major symptoms of a heart attack?

Ans- Major 4 symptoms of a heart attack include- chest pain, feeling nervous, trouble breathing and cold sweating etc.

Q2.  When does a heart attack occur?

Ans- Heart attack mainly occurs when the coronary artery artery is blocked, due to which the heart muscle does not get blood.

Q3.  How does me feel on heart attack?

Ans- Meeni heart attack can feel pressure in the shoulders, waist, jaw etc., feeling nauseous, headache etc.

Q4.  Can stress cause a heart attack?

Ans- Although it is a natural thing for any person to be stressed, but when a person starts taking more stress and it affects their health.  In such a situation, he may become a victim of heart related diseases or high blood pressure etc., which may increase the chances of heart attack later.

Q5.  Does your body indicate a heart attack?

Ans- The body of all the people keeps on indicating that they are having some serious disease, so we can identify them.

If a heart attack is talked about, then if a person feels nausea, nervousness, difficulty in breathing or breathlessness etc., then he should get his health checkup immediately because of all these heart attacks. There may be signs.

Q6.  How long can a heart attack last?

Ans- The time limit of heart attack may vary in different people. Despite this, the problem can usually last 15 minutes or longer.

Q7. How to stop a heart attack immediately?

Ans- Generally, people rush to the hospital in case of a heart attack, which is a waste of time and can increase the chances of a person’s life.

Conversely, they should adopt methods to keep a person with a heart attack calm, sitting down, chewing chewing gum, etc., doing so can prevent the heart attack from increasing.

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