Bread Vs Rice Who is Better For healthy

Bread or rice which is better in reducing weight? Know the nutrients and carb intake from chapati and rice

Bread Vs Rice Who is Better For healthy

People who lose weight often give up eating chapatti and rice but it is wrong to do so as they are an integral part of our diet.

Weight loss tips: Rice and chapati are two main and integral parts of Indian diet.  Food without rice and chapati often seems incomplete because we have been consuming both of them since childhood.  But when we talk about weight loss, we are often advised not to consume rice or chapati or both to lose weight.

But the truth is that there are advantages as well as disadvantages. But if a person is given a choice, which option will be better for those trying to lose weight, then many people may not be able to answer this.  If you are also trying to lose weight and you have left bread and rice, then this article is for you. Let’s know who is more healthy for you rice or chapati.

The amount of carb in bread and rice

Both bread and rice have approximately the same amount of carb and calories.  The difference between the two is only of nutrients and nutritional value. Rotis are rich in protein and fiber compared to rice, which helps keep your stomach full for longer. Due to the amount of starch in the rice, it is easily digested and in this way you start feeling hungry and your stomach also empties very quickly.

If you have to choose one option, choose chapati

If it is talked about keeping the nutritional value in mind, then chapati will surely be the winner. But it is important to keep in mind that chapati has high sodium. Yes, every 120 grams of wheat contains 90 mg of sodium. However, rice does not contain sodium at all. So, for those trying to avoid sodium, chapati can prove to be harmful.  Therefore people who reduce the amount of sodium can opt for rice. If sodium is not a concern for you, then chapati is the winner in terms of weight loss.

Nutritional value of rice

The amount of fiber and protein in rice is less than that of chapatis.The fiber and protein in chapati help you to keep full for a long time.Thus even though rice is high in calories, it does not satisfy you as much as chapatis.

Nutritional value of chapati

Chapati contains calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, fiber and protein. Whereas rice does not contain calcium and low potassium and phosphorus levels. Since chapatis take longer to digest, it also helps to keep your blood sugar levels normal.  Rice, along with filling the stomach, also supplies you nutrients.

Portion size always matters

Chapatis are healthy only because you should not consume them more often.  This does not mean that you start eating chapatis in large numbers. If you are planning to make chapatti for dinner, try to finish your meal two to three hours before bedtime. But if you like to eat more rice, then it would be better for you to consume them once or twice a week. If you want to eat rice more often, opt for brown rice.

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